Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: August, 2014


The Hawk Portico 7:40pm

Down by The Guzzle tonight

I saw a young gull

with His breathy Beep – Beep —

He was with a parent gull


Who flew a few yards off

perhaps because of My proximity —

and Young Gull flew too

and circled overhead, beeping

to land

straight down

beside His Bond


Barrington Passage 1:16pm

I’ve walked across

My First Fall Leaves

upside down, the leaves

not Me

Oh — not Me — I have

all the tools at My Reach

for The Greatest, Grandest

entry of All —

I have The Seasons

set before Me:

beginning with Autumn

when I laid out My Canvas

on Michael Jackson’s birthday

when I signed My Name on October 10th

when I moved to Nova Scotia

and had My 2.4 Children —

Oh I was happy

until My Mother Died

but then, even then

I had the shock of newness

in The Shower Of Lights

to ponder, to confound everyone

around Me

to culminate in October

the month of My Baby Girl

to release My Self

inside the reassuring caress

of The Littlest Man

to Whom I have linked My Self

in My Mind

for every last season of Fall




The Hawk Deck 9:55am

I have a view

from The Corner of My Deck

where the open steps go down

to the grass

beyond which is the hedge

of bamboo, the scrub spruce

& one silhouetted roof-line

meeting the horizon

of silver glitter

which is Mine



The Hawk Deck Rail 8:55am

The Ocean is so calm

I see only one silver streak

along the horizon

and the occasional

silver glint


closer in


The Hawk Portico 5:47pm

I wonder what happened

to The Clothes I left in Atlantic

when I left My Husband

for Dr Blair —

how long did They stay

in the closet Peter built

— My Shoes —

— I can’t remember

what shoes —

did He take Them

to The Salvation Army?

— but Here —

here on The Hawk

where silence greets Me

from My Red Deck Chair

where I can hear a bird fly

or a neighbour’s flag flap

and the surf, always the surf

— Here I needn’t ask —


The Hawk Outpost 9:34am

The Swath Of Silver

Beyond My Post

Blinds Me To Its Essence

But Reminds Me

Of My Security

In My Lovely House

By The Sea


The Hawk Deck 2:50pm

I am grown up now

the squawk of the Jay cannot lure

Me back —

when I speak in childish tones

it is to emphasize My Desire —

My Vision Of Black —

I Am A Figure Of Wonderment

& The World

must always



The Tomato-coloured Couch 7:34pm

No haiku tonight —

I’ll write something

long & drawn out

like how I conjured up


from one of My Thought Cycles

& ended up not knowing

what to think

or why

or how —

I have recovered

here on my Tomato-coloured Couch

where I am comfortable

at Home

relatively relaxed

with A Husband on His Computer

telling Me to take a break


The Jig Is Up

The Tomato-coloured Couch 2:50pm

Today in The Little Store

in Clark’s Harbour

which I patronize

as much as I can

I was addressed

by a sardonic neighbour

as “Mrs Blair” — boy

has She got My Number



The Hawk Queen Bed 10:22pm

Tonight I delved in

into The Meaning of Life

once again

It’s been countless times

I’ve tasted

The Chocolate of It

& seen The Sparkles

& known

My Destiny

& That of