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A Place for Marriage

There is a place for Marriage

in amongst the confessions

of many — The Vow

and if You break it

You’re in trouble.


My First Vow was “until Death”

and The Death was My Mother’s —

My Second

I don’t remember voicing

and the wedding itself

was an abomination.


“I Do This”

I came from New York parties

where the opening line was:

“What do You do?”

and we all know

it’s not what You do that counts —

it’s the person You are

Morning Realization

The Scraggly Apple

is Dead Butt Eye am Alive

to know It fully


Dr Blair, on the night of August 14, 1999

Eye made you sign a contract for sex.

Eye would like to renew that contract,

update it by 19 years to include

hotel, food, gas, all extraneous expenses

+ $500.00 upfront per 24 hour period

of My Companionship.

Is this too much to ask for the continuation

of what was a marriage based

solely on sexuality?

A Night of Firsts

I have put My Hair

in a braid

for The First Time

since My Son was born

over thirty years ago

I have served My Self

The First Slice

of My Very Own

ice cream cake


Think I’ll go have more

Goldilocks Says:

Eye Am The Universe

To My Tiniest Cell:

We are right inbetween

The Infinitely Small

& The Infinitely Large

& THAT is how

We can know


And Eye Have Maria

How Do You Get To Be Anything

Without Being A Wanna-be?

NOTE:  Eye am already

everything I have ever

wanted to Be —

except a helicopter pilot —

not YET

Is The Price Right?

Every Woman Knows

Prostitution is Marriage

With Every Bed Made


We Come From The Light

Of The Star Called Sun & Moon

Why?  We Must Know Why