Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: November, 2019

Tourmalinated Quartz

Today Eye have bought The Ring

to signify emergence

from the undergrowth of my marriage

striated as Eye am

wearing the literal pattern

of freedom from the forest floor

where buy eye see the clearing before me

The Eternal Female

Eye have Her

on my shoulder again, my right

at my ear

26 years later

I still hear Her melodious words:

” You Know The Meaning Of Life

And So You Are A Star”

She is warming me

in the absence of my husband

and I cannot live

without Her now —

though with Her

Eye will live forever

and ever

The Redirecting Nightmare

He had put my mother’s furniture out

around the corner of the Shakespeare House

to get whatever he could for it

and was moving in with his pregnant girlfriend

who had a crib stuck in the staircase

with me climbing up through it —

Someone had removed Self Organizing Galaxy

off the internet —

My Daughter was going away

with her hands dry and neglected

and I was unable to retrieve

the phone number

of one of my only friends

for help

Open Letter to My Husband of Twenty Years

Here I am with an orange flower in my hair — waiting for you in my mind and my body, which are co-joined as I am with you.