Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: August, 2020


Today in the mail

Eye got a Divorce Certificate

dated July 22nd

(my lucky number)

butt now I don’t want

to go back to my house alone

and so I eek out the last of the sun

here at McDonald’s

Dont Put This On Facebook

Am Eye becoming

a fixture at McDonald’s?

I’ve consumed four large decafs

so far this morning

and now it’s lunchtime.

But the day is fine

with my back to the sun

and I am enjoying being

here amongst the vibrancy

of Barrington Bay.

Sunday Shopping

Today Eye went

shopping for a church

and was told to disregard the devil

who’s work is blamed

for the “pandemic” —

Eye give no credence to the devil


when the church Eye tried let out (after letting in the sun)

Eye drove to my local hangout

deciding eye will always carry

my church within

built upon

My Shower of Silver Lights

from when my mother died

and Eye was born anew


Eye wake up alone

butt for the birds and the waves —

the cats are quiet —

and one line reverberates:

“Then she passed me that face —

and I Love It!”


Here Eye am

planted at McDonald’s —

my hub of activity

at suppertime.

Eye sit outside

at a concrete table

and watch the traffic

and the water

of Barrington Bay

at my complete leisure —

for Eye don’t have to be


Eye Am Rich

Eye am rich with Time

Which does not exist

Eye wear two watches

On my right fist

2 prove it

Reparation Art Show