Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: January, 2015


The Hawk Dining Room 8:24am

If I could paint The Sky

this morning

It would be a WOW Sky

blending into The Ocean

with lateral lines of pinkish light

Sky Light

coming through the breaks

in blue-grey clouds

with Golden Wash above


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:52pm

If I were to paint

a picture of My Self

what colour would I use

to start?  Yellow, please

as I see Me in a room

of Gold

with Purple Rings

under My Eyes

as I see Them sag

into disproportion

I would put Chartreuse

upon My Fallen Lids

stark Black for Brows

still arched

My Two Left Moles

would be three-dimensional

& My Lips, cracked slightly

with age lines

would be a Lurid Red

maybe smearing across

The Right Side

Of My Face


The Hawk Window Seat 12:22pm

I have put up

a sheer lavender curtain

— one that Eliza didn’t like —

in Her vacated lavender room

now to be used for Guests

Who may never come

— the curtain has purple carnations

scattered across it

without obscuring the view

of rolling surf beyond



The Tomato-coloured Couch 5:42pm

My Kitchen is a one-woman


with “everything at My Fingertips”

as voiced by a former neighbour

from Shelburne where The Kitchen

was a communal eat-in

in the very old Shakespeare House

The Kitchen in Atlantic

opened out to the rest of the downstairs

& there I never felt It was Mine anyway

“My Kitchen” as I feel here on The Hawk

where I cook giant casseroles

to eat by the week

& where I am happy

even putting away the dishes

The Sun Beams In On Me

The Tomato-coloured Couch 4:27pm

The Sun beams in on Me

through My Psychotic Haze

subsided — I no longer

hear songs on the radio

as messages to Me Alone

I no longer see blazing signs

of futuristic Life & Love

My Halo has vanished

I am “settled” now —

a word the hospital used —

I even heard & saw

A Lone Goose fly overhead

while I shovelled off

the paltry snow

from the front steps —

there too in The Sun —

& The Goose

carried no significance

other than He

must be lost

while I am found


The Hawk Kitchen 10:15pm

My Tall Black Cat

sits by the door

of glass

looking out to the snowy deck

turning back

to Me

to mew


The Hawk Outpost 4:30pm

The Sky has a hue

of aqua green

against the three or so

inches of white

The Colour is delicate


a gull flies through It

out of view


The Hawk Corner Room 3:29pm

I have zipped up

that Night of Black Magic

two garments away

for never another evening

of seeing My Silver Halo

directing My Every Measure

of preparation

— I am de-throned now

baking a cake

that’s come out flat

& scratching DHW

off My January Page


The Hawk Dining Room 9:26am

The Ocean is a pale grey

beyond a fore drop of snow white

The Sun is My Luminous Disc

playing against the water

in streaks of golden silver

& clouds of darkened flakes


The Hawk Corner Room 3:34pm

Let’s give up

this fairy tale business

I’m straight in the head

& will not fall into a trance

seeing You across a parking lot

I will not grab You in public

& try to kiss You

like The Princess

& The Frog

please let’s end this

lifetime of Love

hidden & declared

I have said enough

& You have withheld

Your Dream