Portrait of The Man as The Doctor

by Joanna Gilman Hyde

The Hawk Window Seat 10:30am

A fine head of Silver Hair

graces the brow

of My Husband —

He dresses in Jeans

for Casual Friday

while I fix

His Silver Cat Pendent

around His Neck

I fix His Plain Oatmeal

instant with raisins

& cinnamon

while He sits

before His Computer

reading of worldly events

at quarter to eleven

He rises to put on His Shoes

black Eccos from over six years ago

& gets His Coat —

a leather jacket made in China

from over twenty

He kisses Me at the door

before He drives away

in His black 2000 Lincoln LS

to His Office in Barrington

where He attends

over fifty people

a day

Who Love Him