Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: Silver

Extended Dawn

Eye have seen The Sun

rise through the Eye of a cloud

edged in Silver-Gold



put M(eye) HEX

on M(eye) EX

on M(eye) BED

Y Give $EX Away?


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 4:05pm

Tonight We’re having a dinner party

for My Two Children

My Daughter’s Boyfriend

and a tree-planting friend

I haven’t met.

The Table is set

with Silver and a new package

of steak knives.

I am wearing a new top

bought with Eliza in Yarmouth —

it’s the colour

of Chamomile Tea

drunk from one surviving mug

of My Grandmother’s

served for My Tea

with milk and sugar

after ballet lessons


The Hawk Queen Bed 8:17am

Once I had a pretty coat —

the last time I wore it was to see

Our Lawyer from The Hyde Inquiry

it was flared with a high-cut waist

and Two Silver Buttons

but I gave it away

years ago

to The Salvation Army

when I got rid of My Black Jesus Clothes —

this morningĀ  I woke with an anxious thought

regretting My Disposal

but My Comforting Husband

tried to reassure Me:

“It was the drugs.”



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 4:30pm

I have come through

an oven of madness

I have been broiled

and poked

for The Life of My Daughter

for My Son since He was five

when I made a pact

with My Self

that I would never feel

the pain of the loss

of My Mother

and found instead

the love that sustained Me

through My Temperature Gage

of Molten Silver

and Highest Reverie

I have spoken

of My Vile Nature

black with burnt offerings

of Salvation

for The Masses

yet to come

I am out

on the table

for dinner with My Starving Family

My Ex Husband I loved

in the sun

of Our First House,

a tiny one

I am out,


to be eaten now

with Mint Jelly

from the shady side

of My Mother’s Well



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 7:58am

The thinnest strip of Silver

sets My North Eastern View

The Horizon line it designates —

starting at the scrub spruce

travelling to a brown roof top

where the center of The Horizon

turns dark grey

travelling to the second roof top

and beyond to My Neighbour’s

leafy tree


The Hawk West Desk Window 7:44pm

Hark — there’s a Silver Streak

along the Western Horizon

of My Evening View

I am rewarded

from a day of grey

to the embarkment

of broken cloud

and layered sun



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 9:55am

EYE am The Artist

standing at My Door

waving Good-bye to My Husband

dressed in My Thick Grey Robe

the substance of The Sky


on a day

when anything can happen


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 6:39am

The Sea is tarnished Silver

with an illuminated break above

We have done our best

to support a friend

who hears voices

and is trying out

a new regime


The Hawk Deck 9:00am

The Silver off The Water

crashes into My Eyes

loosely glinting on Its Southern Edge

I hear The Morning Birds

out on My Deck

with the screen open behind Me

hearing the water kettle on

for Our Second Cup