Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: November, 2014


The Hawk Hallway 1:06pm

I live the life

of a Home-grown Saint

taking sandwiches & pop

to My Husband’s Secretary

because I have The Time

& like dropping in on Her


The Hawk Living Room 5:41pm

I have The Power

of Destiny

behind Me

The Strength

of Our Future

in My Present

I will succeed in creating

My Own Reality

as I see It every minute

every second

measured by moments

alone or with Others

Who may yet see

where I am

coming from


The Hawk Dining Room 10:00am

How many times can I write

of The Silver Streaks

replicated from My Head

across My Newest Ocean?

A Million Times for I have

found a thousand opportunities

inside a game

which can only go


Portrait of God as an Artist

The Tomato-coloured Couch 2:22pm

She sits in black leggings

left foot tucked under

right thigh

couched on The Tomato-coloured Couch

Where Else?

under Her Depiction

of The Glory & The Fall

titled “My Black Star”

She wears Her Most Expensive Earrings

& socks with cats

given to Her by a coffee-drinking friend

She has come many miles

& many moons

to achieve Her Place


& plans to stay

as long as it takes

to answer Humanity’s Fatalistic Questions


The Tomato-coloured Couch 12:55pm

You stood out in Sobey’s


darkly dressed

pensive and lean

You had on rectangular

dark glasses

above Your narrow chin

standing in line

with The Rest Of Us

You became My Newest Member

of Joy Division


There is no such “thing” as “mental illness.”  There is no true illness which can be said to be entirely “mental” unless it is derived from an organic source such as a brain tumour.  There are no physical attributes in the human body which can point to this description.  There is no pre-determining test for “mental illness.”  The psychiatric diagnosis used to determine the supposed state of “mental illness” is opinion-based at best, and most often this opinion is not shared by the individual in question.  At worst this opinion is often shared by family members, friends, and society as a whole, creating a kind of trap or “Catch 22” for the individual.

What we see when we attempt to use this stigmatizing and false description of “mental illness” is an array of human self expression which may be affected by, or resulting from, changes in environment, sleep patterns, physical activity, thought, perception, interaction with others, or any conglomeration of naturally occurring factors which can and do affect all of us as human beings.

We are variable and complex.  To lump any of us into “categories” of “mental illness” is a grave disservice to humanity.


Written by Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair


The Hawk Dining Room 9:06am

The Silver Glare

off The Sea

leaks into My Eyes

It makes Me thirsty

to watch It so

I’ll drink My Glass

marked “LIFE”


The Hawk Portico 1:50pm

Twenty years or so ago

I asked My Carpenter Husband

to build Me A Church —

“It would be a folly,” was His Answer —

Well I have My Church:

I have My Body, My Temple

I have My House By The Sea

I have My Small Town Nova Scotia

I have My Country Canada

& So I Have My World

Then Under A Rosy Nebula

The Hawk Outpost 5:08pm

My View of The Ocean

rises unadorned

but for the faint swath of pink

from The Sun behind Me

having set, earlier

than before


The Hawk Outpost 10:25am

The Birds on the wire

know not

the chaos to come

in human terms

Let Nature be spelled

& All Birds