by Joanna Gilman Hyde

The Hawk Queen Bed 10:22pm

“Hey Everybody!  This is God

yes, G-O-D

One of You, All of You

here, as always, to tell Us

We have a correction to make —

in case You were wondering

I am female —

52 years old in Body

infinite in Mind:

Caucasian North American

with a psychiatric history

not permitted to carry a firearm

but I can wear a bullet-proof vest

to guard My Castle-by-the-sea

where I live with My Husband

the very popular Dr Blair

& My Daughter, the very beautiful Eliza

& seven cats —

I’m not kidding around —

on March 31st, 1993, after four days of no sleep

induced by the death of My Mother

I had The Shower Of Silver Lights

crash down on My Head —

I thought I was The Second Coming Of Christ

but I didn’t want to give Christianity

that much credit

so I simplified My Title

My Essence

into Those Three Little Letters

& no, I don’t knowingly control the weather —

it controls Me

& yes, I believe in eternity

& The Sacredness Of Human Life



“It’s Time To Hear My Rallying Cry

to sort out Our Miseries


Our Desires

Our Abilities

forget Our failings

Uphold Honesty

for where has Honesty



It’s Time To Apprehend

My Leadership —

I offer up My Self

for I am One Human

Who has seen The Light

& Knows It To Be

The Light Of This World

Our Precious Little World”