Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: war between the sexes

Lydia’s Birthday

What’s it worth

to fuck Dr Blair

on the beach —

I am too good for that

and He has another

girlfriend anyway —

so why would Eye want

to get My Crack

full of sand?

Our Mermaid’s Tail

20 years ago She was His Patient

when She had an affair

with Dr Blair —

then She lived with Him

for 5 years

then They got married

for 14

and Divorced

to find both in separate places:

Hers on The Hawk

His to South Side

where They meet along the wide-open beaches


just to drive each other crazy

The Shlong Asks:

Where Are My Ribs?

Going To Waste

Audacious Husband

refuses to pay for sex

after eighteen years

Humbled By A House?

If I had been housed

in a glass dome

on the beach

Yes, I would have thrown stones

at  My Captor —

I am now released, almost

in My Own Home

as congested as it is

with art on the walls

floor to ceiling

lining Me with protection

that I may reclaim

My True Self


Sexual Politics

Eye have propositioned

My Estranged Husband

for sexual favours

under the table —

His refusal to accept

has left Me

rejected, neglected


and punished.




Tonight Eye gathered up

with My Left Finger Tips

The Remains

of the disembarkation

of “Stratospheric Universe”

from the early grass

of My Front Yard.

Now it is My Front Yard.


The pieces are piled densely

in an old aluminium tray

ready to be picked through

and arranged, possibly haphazardly,

into a new form of Art

Eye call “Destructionism.”


Someday (soon) my reconstructed creation

will sell for thousands

of Canadian Dollars

and Eye will NOT BE DEAD

An Artist Scorned

Remember when Eye created

The Food Mosaic

on your kitchen table

in Barrington?

You got mad at me

and I said, “You sound old –”

but you took a picture

you didn’t keep

& Eye strew your papers

along the trail

Assault w/ a Weapon

Eye have in my possession

the implement of destruction:

the blue and white iron

belonging to My First Husband

wielded by His Former Live-in Girlfriend

a dancer

to whack Him on His Hip

while hot

to leave a permanent scar

of polka dots

and The Man’s Story

of “Bad PMS”