Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: sunrise


Veiled Sky Pulls Back

Revealing My Glowing Day

Dawning Underneath

It Is

When Eye Rise

In The Morning

It Is To The Early Light

The Subtle Surf

and One Cat — Mine —

Meowing for Me

Over Baccaro

My sun emerging:

opposite of dead ember —

new flare of all life

Morning Window

My watery moon:

Halo of condensation

seeps through my dawning

Extended Dawn

Eye have seen The Sun

rise through the Eye of a cloud

edged in Silver-Gold


Today’s Morning

The Sunrise is to The North

This Morning

It rained last night

and the sky is breaking up

The Clouds are luminous salmon pink

and there is no deliniation

between The Ocean

and The Dawn

Earthly Morn

Global awareness

rises like the sun — slowly

with no denying

The Accent Mark

Squiggle of Pink Gold

Rose from where Eye expect Sun

“Oh My Word!”  World.


Sky of Cloud only

first blush turns Florescent Pink


The Hawk @ Dawn

Eye savoured a crescent

moon of gold

above M(eye) sea

of darkened cold —

the sky was streaked

with auburn red —

above the lights

upon which Eye fed