Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: mother-daughter relationship


The Hawk Corner Room 1:02am

EYE have seized The Sky

up here in My Corner Room

where I can paint all day

if I want to, or go to the beach.

I’m cooking for One

and enjoying every minute of it

with My New French Canadian Radio to keep Me company.

Tonight I sorted through My Clothes

and am choosing to wear Those

of no particular significance,

and if You too, My Lovely Daughter

happen to read This

or have It read to You,

please know that I love You always

and will never violate

Your Adjacent Room



September 21st, 2016

The Hawk Queen Bed, Near Midnight

Was there ever really an age

of Innocence?

The Lumps of Years

hardly matter anymore —

was it when My Children

were Children?

was it when I was

knocked out every night

on ten milligrams of Olanzapine

not knowing in the morning

if I dreamed?

Today marks Week Fifteen

since I stopped It

at The Site of a Rainbow

and I was going to write

a letter to London, England

to a man I treasured

when I was three —

My Mother’s Lover —

He is old now

and wonders if He’s written

His Last Book —

He takes care of A Man

He Loves — Who has Alzheimer’s —

takes Him when The Man’s Institution

welcomes a break —

I was going to write

that on Week Fourteen

I bleached & bleached

the growing blackness off My Deck

to make It look like driftwood —

It came out looking like that anyway

and My Daughter was proud —

I was going to write

that I replaced the old gold handles

on My Kitchen Cabinets

with wrought-iron-looking ones

picked out by Eliza

and what else did I do today?

I prayed for a dog.

I cooked Day Six

of Our New Ketogenic Diet

resulting from Eliza’s visit

and I believe I am better

off for It — though

I wonder about sleep —

the low carbohydrate level tends to rev Me up

Eliza suggests warm milk

with one tablespoon of honey

at bed time —

should I sleep in Her Room


The Next Morning:

The Hawk Deck 10:17am

I slept with Hunter

not before two o’clock in the morning

and woke with a dream

of being about to meet

The Daughter of The Man


I changed Eliza’s sheets —

Her Comforter is hanging out

on the line —

and I heard The Rooster


before I got up

to make The Coffee





The Hawk En-suite Bath 9:26pm

I have My Daughter even though

I drove Her to the airport

through new autumn foliage —

I have My Daughter

Adult Female

as She pressed that button

on Her do-it-yourself

flight registry

She cried

when We hugged Good-bye

I think because

She never had Me


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:34pm

Eliza sat out on My Deck

at the glass topped table with Her Music

weighed down by a fossilized snail from B. C.

Her Back was to My Sliding Glass Doors

She played Her Guitar

with Her Very Blond Hair

waving slightly

in the evening air

She didn’t want Me with Her

She said She couldn’t concentrate

and so I looked through

from The Kitchen

at Her Cable Knit Sweater

and tree-planting shoulders arched

over the musical instrument

I bought for Her 13th Birthday


The Hawk Living Room 4:30pm

A new arrangement of paintings

builds a triangle upon My Living Room Wall:

My Mother’s Portrait as a very young woman

painted by My Uncle

dresses the wall below My Balcony

hanging in the middle

above two impressionist paintings

of Africa — She took Me

as an infant to grow there

in Gabon and came home

with these two paintings

I framed in art school —

one showing a grass-roofed hut

palm trees with seated figure —

the other showing four bark canoes

and two figures readying them

in the foreground of open water

and open sky —

My First Year In Africa

She called The Worst Year

of Her Life — spent insomniac

underweight, pregnant

with My Fated Brother —

Africa inspired Her Novel


never published —

Her Portrait looks down

to those two African paintings

and I look up to all three


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 7:55am

My Mother was My Guiding Star

I hang Her Portrait

above My Door

She led Me straight

to never lie

& held Me close

until She died


The Hawk Corner Room 7:11am

I got up to see

The Sun Rise

over This World O’ Mine

& over the criticism

of This Daughter O’ Mine

Who Ain’t Seen Nothin’



The Hawk Computer 6:04 pm

My Husband, Dr William Hunter Blair, now believes

that My World Trade Center Roof Top Painting from 1984

titled Self Organizing Galaxy

may have given someone the idea

for 9/11


EYE have not been writing much —

EYE have been making recordings into M(EYE) cell phone

in-which M(EYE) Husband does not seem very interested.


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 12:55pm

Last Night My Eliza

cooked fish chowder

corn bread and a Waldorf Salad

— She makes Smoothies too —

out of pumpkin or beet juice

& I drink Them down

because of Their Colours

I eat Her Frozen Chocolate Mousse

for My Lunch just because

She says It’s not even

A Real Mousse