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"Good Morning, World!"

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He Didn’t Hear Me

In My Favourite Restaurant

Eye overheard The Waiter

Talking to The Cook:

“How can You have time

for God and Your Wife?”

Eye called out from My Booth:

“What if God and Your Wife

are One and The Same?”

An Artist Scorned

Remember when Eye created

The Food Mosaic

on your kitchen table

in Barrington?

You got mad at me

and I said, “You sound old –”

but you took a picture

you didn’t keep

& Eye strew your papers

along the trail


The Hawk Corner Room approx. 1:40pm

EYE have held

The Most Precious

of Life’s Juice

in M(EYE) Left Palm

& IT was The Colour

of Today’s First Snow

in Antioch Illinois


The Hawk Kitchen 2:00pm

I opened a box of Nature Valley

granola bars — contents five bars —

made by General Mills Canada Corporation

& discovered an empty space

for a sixth


The West Desk Window 11:24am

I am luxuriating in The Full Viewing

of My Beautiful Bird of Paradise

I watch Him from My Vehicle

at the side of Hawk Point Road

My Neck craned to My Left

I gaze across Tidal Flats

at The Break in The Dunes

where Storm Waves wash in

small fry

for My Beautiful Long-legged, Long-necked Friend

Who wades so prominently

through One Grand Pool

to fish at Four Glorious Intervals

before I allow My Self

to finish driving home

to fix Lunch


I’m tired of waiting

for The World To End

We’ve ┬ábarely made a dent

in the cartons of cans, cereals &

apple sauce

parked in The Cellar

for a rainy day —

even a food bank wouldn’t take Our Stuff

now, if It’s past The Expiration Date


Mumbo is camped out

on Our Black Cat Mat

in Hunter’s Room

— really The Family Room —

She had about a teaspoon

of evaporated milk

but managed to eat a few cat treats

earlier today

so maybe She’s not

on Her Last Legs