Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: Eliza Haeghaert Hyde


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 2:16pm

I have planted My First Rose Bush

“Knock-out Pink”

under Our New Sign saying The Blairs

in iridescent white

printed with a Blue Jay —

Chicken Polenta is made for The Kids

and can be baked anytime

and We’ve been invited to Their Grandfather’s

Memorial Service Friday Afternoon —

tomorrow night My Tree-planting Darlings

and one Mexican Collie

are to be collected

from the airport four hours away

and I will be making ham sandwiches

to take

and a Duncan Hines carrot cake

fortified with chopped pecans

just to have on hand


The Hawk Deck 10:10am

I have said Good-bye

to My Darling Cow Bird

Whose love affair with My Car Mirror

is gone

He bowed off with another

female two weeks ago —

I have said Hello

to My Husband

and will be hanging The Bedding

in Our Hot Sun

I will be playing

The Cow Bird’s Song

on an internet recording

for The Arrival

of My Children

one week



The Hawk Deck 12:05pm

On this very beautiful day

in July

just how bad was I

when I insisted to My Husband

on December 18

that I go back to the hospital

dressed in a black negligee

bare feet

and bullet proof vest?

Just how bad was I

when My Children came home

that Christmas

and left My House?

I was on

a double dose of Olanzapine

the poison I have been off

now for one month

of nearly halcyon existence

I need My Children —

They can help Me change

the music in My Car

from Joy Division and Future Islands

to something new and cogent


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 4:30pm

I have come through

an oven of madness

I have been broiled

and poked

for The Life of My Daughter

for My Son since He was five

when I made a pact

with My Self

that I would never feel

the pain of the loss

of My Mother

and found instead

the love that sustained Me

through My Temperature Gage

of Molten Silver

and Highest Reverie

I have spoken

of My Vile Nature

black with burnt offerings

of Salvation

for The Masses

yet to come

I am out

on the table

for dinner with My Starving Family

My Ex Husband I loved

in the sun

of Our First House,

a tiny one

I am out,


to be eaten now

with Mint Jelly

from the shady side

of My Mother’s Well



The West Desk Window 11:25am

Eliza’s lovely little room

was an assignment

for Me to sleep

and By God I slept —

I slept and woke —

woke and slept and dreamed

and tossed off My Love Ring Quilt

and watched The Sun emerge

from The Eastern Waters —

I listened to the early birds

the crows and gulls

and song birds

and yes, the funny funny Rooster

I watched The Sun hit

the wall by the door

and now I am out of there

I have returned to My Husband

and The Cats —

the old dilapidated comforter

the mismatched sheets

and the open window to The West



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 10:22am

Last Night M(EYE) Husband

had to come into Eliza’s Room

to kiss Me Good-night —

He remarked that I looked

so small

tucked into

Her Big High Bed


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 3:20pm

How dare anyone

infiltrate My Sanctuary —

especially The Father of My 2.4 Children —

here to The North I have

the forest of scrub spruce I love

the stone wall upon which I contemplated

smashing My Precious Life Glass —

how dare anyone

even a neighbour I like

enter across My Eastern Ocean View

upon which I gaze with such favour —

out there I can let My Mind

be free — free of past

hurt and negation

free of obstacles to My Happiness

so profound

as I stand before

the shores

of My Intellect


The Hawk Queen Bed 8:22am

Last Night I saw

a clothing moth

trying to get My Attention

in Eliza’s room

as I sat to write —

I tried to slap it between

My Hands

but failed

& woke this morning

with a moth ball dilemma:

I do not want to stink up

Eliza’s tiny room

especially as I

sleep there


The Tomato-coloured Couch 1:30pm

Not so long ago

I breast fed You, My Babies

and now You’re out West

planting trees, sleeping in trailers —

please have no truck

with bears or coyotes

have fun making lots of money

and stay safe

My Little Dear Ones


The Hawk Queen Bed 12:16pm

EYE could sit

in Eliza’s Room

with My Veil

upon My Head

but doing that

would serve no good —

it would fill My Home

with dread