Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: anti psychotic medication


The Hawk Corner Room 11:42am

The Time is Month !4!

since I cleared My Head

— a grey day in The Newest

Autumn of My Life

I can see The Particles

of Air

as I did when I was A Child

when I discussed this phenomenon

with An Isolated Friend

Who became

Our Valedictorian

7:14 AM

The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 7:28am

The Sun Is Following Me —

EYE used to see It rise

@ 5:00 o’clock in the morning

when I first escaped from Olanzapine

when I heard The Rooster @ 6:00

and The Cow Bird kept Me company —

now I have The Sun again

after three full nights in a row

of sleep —

I got up after 7:00

and there It was

out My Kitchen Window

lining the clouds on the horizon

with Its pearly gold

of enchantment

and after I looked @ My Watch

That Old Familiar Spark Appeared

and grew into My Friend


The Hawk Queen Bed 4:25am

She greeted Me in ruffled satin

lavender and sleeveless

as She signed Her Self out

so We could sit outside

looking at the harbour

with tea and coffee

and the blue sky

where a flock of geese flew in V formation —

She pointed to where She had been injected

on Her Hip

for a thirty-day stint

of a medication She could not pronounce

and mentioned how The Head Psychiatrist

had called Her Name

and asked Her if She had worked

on a puzzle today —

back inside

She ate pink salmon and dill

for supper

and pointed to Her Self-cut Hair-do

Her Raven Hair

to say the fish was good

for Her Brain —

an oral dose of Seroquel

was brought to Her at the table

and My Beautiful Friend

choked it down

while The Nurse said

“It’s Your After Dinner



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 2:16pm

I have planted My First Rose Bush

“Knock-out Pink”

under Our New Sign saying The Blairs

in iridescent white

printed with a Blue Jay —

Chicken Polenta is made for The Kids

and can be baked anytime

and We’ve been invited to Their Grandfather’s

Memorial Service Friday Afternoon —

tomorrow night My Tree-planting Darlings

and one Mexican Collie

are to be collected

from the airport four hours away

and I will be making ham sandwiches

to take

and a Duncan Hines carrot cake

fortified with chopped pecans

just to have on hand


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 3:15pm

Now when I reach

for My Life Glass

it is not to quench

My Unquenchable Thirst

drug-induced —

that craving is gone forever

now when I reach

for My Beautiful Glass

it is to take in

the moderate fare

of My Drug-free* Living

by one or two sips


*still taking 1mg Clonazepam for sleep to be weaned off

after My Children leave


The Hawk Deck 3:57pm

Once, on a Canadian Grey Hound

a man called schizophrenic

under a voice’s command

beheaded a fellow passenger —

was He on anti-psychotic drugs

only to be locked away forever

in a place for the criminally insane

and drugged and drugged

until He dies?


The Hawk Deck 10:10am

I have said Good-bye

to My Darling Cow Bird

Whose love affair with My Car Mirror

is gone

He bowed off with another

female two weeks ago —

I have said Hello

to My Husband

and will be hanging The Bedding

in Our Hot Sun

I will be playing

The Cow Bird’s Song

on an internet recording

for The Arrival

of My Children

one week



The Hawk Deck 7:19am

EYE have been held in a trance

by The Birds, The Rooster

Their Song on The Air

The Silver on The Sea

and My Successful Adjustment

to the sleepless effect

of going off My anti-psychotic medication

four days ago


The Hawk Corner Room 5:45am

I watched The Sun Rise

first a golden glimmer —

then it popped up

rising faster

than it seemed to go down last night

I am off the anti-psychotic medication

I took to sleep for twenty-odd years

& am waking earlier

but feeling