Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Eye Am One Million Percent Pro Life

And When Eye Become


M(Eye) Voice Will Be Heard

And M(Eye) Body

Which Is M(Eye) Mind

Will Be Seen

My Mother

My Mother was what’s called

A Cute Chick

little and headstrong

blonde and quirky

She lived alone on an island

and expected Her Guests

to be as charmed by Her Play House

as She was

even when They had to use

The 3-holer Privy

and brush Their Teeth

with one glass of water.


She never got old

struck down by a brain tumour

at age 57

and turned into A Chickadee

when She died.

Forever Silver

The Source of M(Eye) Empowerment

is The Shower of Silver Lights

— All Their Glorious Spears —

Manufactured for This World’s Delight

inside M(Eye) Mind

to be seen Externally:

M(Eye) Human Production

of The Notion of God


Mrs. Atwood’s Dress

Last Evening in The Sun

Eye visited Mrs. Atwood

and She had on

A Dress

of classic 30’s design:

Poka Dotted Black

against a delicate yellowed knit

w/ pleated skirt

below an elongated waist.

She looked demure

reclining in Her Rocker

eating a vaniĺla cream cookie


while Her Little Glass of Pepsi

Popped Its Lit-up Fizz

Against Her Sun-filled Window.

Natalie’s Birthday

Eye See M(Eye) Double Sun

Of Silver

Out There, Over

The Ocean

Signalling 2 Me

The Ever-present Past

Along W/ M(Eye) Future

Of Glory Yet Unknown

Today’s Dawn

Eye examine The Line

of Sky @ M(Eye) Horizon

outfitted by more than a bank

of Cloud

The Streak of Light

is M(Eye) Streak

and I’ll be alright

inside The Dawn

of Today

Supreme Irony

20 years ago

Dr Blair put His Arms Out

to Me

in The Doorway

to His (old) Examining Room

and to My Refusal


Today He sat

in His (new) Waiting Room

while I lowered My Self

to His Floor

and to His Refusal





M(Eye) Calling

Bleat of The Willet

Sounds of M(Eye) Nova Scotia

Cr(Eye) of The Gull 2

Tonight Eye Visited

Tonight Eye Visited

The Guzzel*

once again

this time Filled to the brim

to the far edges of the laid out flats

more Full than Eye had ever seen It

and Eye stood to look

to take It all in

and thought of M(Eye) Husband


On M(Eye) way home

Eye heard The Rocks laugh

with The Tumbling Waves

and Eye wished He could

stand with Me

2 listen

*north end of The Hawk Beach

What M(Eye) Decision 2 Stay Married 2 Dr WHB Is Based On:

There’s a BIG Rock

In Barrington Passage

Next to Smith & Watt

Which Eye am fond of painting —

M(Eye) Next Design

Eye’m working on:

Giant Heart

Dr WHD ??