Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Sable River

Eye met a man last night

Who reminded me of my uncle

The Famous Chef Joe Hyde

Whom eye adored

because he made me laugh.

I met him again

in spiritual form

smoking a Cuban cigar

in the entertainment

of His Handsome Sons

at the side of a river

Eye had never seen before

5:26 am

(The Hawk Deck 5:55 am)

Eye got up this morning

@ M(eye) Appointed Time

to take out the trash

and clean the kitty litter

and decide what to wear

on This Beautiful Day

of The Opening of My Art Show

in The Town where Eye live

Studio video

For Stephanie Quinlan

The Sister Dress

Watch “Joanna Gilman Hyde” on YouTube


Watch “Joanna Gilman Hyde” on YouTube

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