Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Sunday Shopping

Today Eye went

shopping for a church

and was told to disregard the devil

who’s work is blamed

for the “pandemic” —

Eye give no credence to the devil


when the church Eye tried let out (after letting in the sun)

Eye drove to my local hangout

deciding eye will always carry

my church within

built upon

My Shower of Silver Lights

from when my mother died

and Eye was born anew


Eye wake up alone

butt for the birds and the waves —

the cats are quiet —

and one line reverberates:

“Then she passed me that face —

and I Love It!”


Here Eye am

planted at McDonald’s —

my hub of activity

at suppertime.

Eye sit outside

at a concrete table

and watch the traffic

and the water

of Barrington Bay

at my complete leisure —

for Eye don’t have to be


Eye Am Rich

Eye am rich with Time

Which does not exist

Eye wear two watches

On my right fist

2 prove it

Reparation Art Show

My Grandfather’s Voice

What is it about

the muted proclamations of the surf *

that eye find so soothing

so fulfilling and life-giving?

They are the sound of Eternity Itself

and I bathe and bask in their heralding

* Anchorage Northeast by Howard T. Walden, page 254

Munching On Existence

For my breakfast

Eye have eaten the green grapes

meant for my X husband

and I have feasted upon

The Silver Light

playing across —

saturating the ocean

before me

Star Quantity

Aeons ago eye read somewhere

that more stars exist than all the grains of sand

on all the beaches of this Earth

and aeons ago eye wrote somewhere

that eye did not believe this statement

I believe the stars are finite

but are forever forever changing

transforming into ourselves


Bought this canvas from the UFO museum in Shag Harbour yesterday — it was “mall art” thinking eye would embellish it butt didnt have the right found objects so early this morning eye started opening cans of old paint and this happened!


Eye finished a “painting”

down in my studio

and thought to walk on the beach

alone before supper

but as eye locked my door

and stepped down from my portico

the fog spread closer

chasing me back

into my interior