Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

What A Lovely Morning

Eye got up to dance

to Sweet Child of Mine

then switched to classical

on the French Radio Station.

Eye fed Astro his half can

and the others their treats

(so as not to discriminate)

& cleaned their litter.

Eye put the dishes away.

Eye made my decaf

and got out the glass table tops

for my wrought iron deck furniture

& one folding wooden chair

from a yard sale at the church

where my writers group meets.

The Cats are with me

out here on the deck —

We are together

with the wafting radio

and the bird song

Eye love.

The Girlfriend

Eye know a skinny broad

Who isn’t very nice

Eye don’t know why I’m writing this

Except Eye wish her slice

Was filled with venom

From her mouth

Though how Eye do not know

She warrants my ferocity

Butt would Eye stoop that low

The Morning Room

Eye have a morning room

collecting sun

allowing my paintings to glitter.

Eye sit beside its picture window

to drink my morning decaf and cream

to dream of companionship

with a man I saw briefly

only yesterday

but with whom Eye share

My Eternity

The Replacement

Eye used to throw one leg

up and over my husband’s hip

lying in The Hawk Queen Bed —

He didn’t mind — rather enjoyed it I think

and Eye could go to sleep in that position.

Now Eye have a carved-out pillow

to replace Him

and what does He have?

Feeding Eva

Eye have taken on a new role:

Nourisher of my former mother in law

for lunch and supper

Monday to Friday

if Eye can take it.

Her preferences are coffee

and orange slices

though she takes her Ensure as well

and the nurses are kind

and at my disposal

and they understand

Eye love Eva dearly

Favourite Haiku

Cozy in M(eye) Bed

With M(eye) World before me


Night Time Musings




The Fashionable Haiku

Last week eye dressed up

And bought a car to go with

What eye was wearing

Easter Sunday

Eye have one remnant of Dr Blair

and that’s his cat —

Cami is the name she came with

from the pound — a ginger calico —

so now I give her ferocious pettings

complete with a little song

and no longer care

if he ever sees her again

My Time

My time in bed is

My time alone listening:

French music, wind, birds