"Good Morning, World!"

Eye Am

Eye Am The Healing

Eye Am The Opiate

Eye Am The New Dawn

Touch Me Once

Touch Me Twice

Touch Me Once Again:

Eye Am For The World


I sat on the end

Of the bed waiting for him

To come up the stairs


She is beautifully dark haired —

with Her Orange Blossom

poised above Her Left Ear —

She spoke, She speaks

melodiously into My Right Ear

I hear Her all day

all night:

She is My Woman/Child


“Do It To Me — Do It To Me –”

I had My Voice for THAT

but my voice was stifled, sucked back

when I tried to cry out,

down a darkened staircase:

“Who Is It?  Who Is It?”

And he attacked me

on my unfamiliar bed

to hold me down

to inject me

while I couldn’t say “NO”

Everybody Is Out

Everybody is out

To protect themselves

And/or their children and pets

Through control measures

Like work schedules

And happy homemaking —

Through school lunches

And hospital stays

Through church services

And funerals

And art

Over Eggplant Parmesan

Last evening Eye had

The Biggest Dick

I’ve ever seen

Sitting in the middle

Of my Tomato-coloured Couch

And I turned Him down

Because I’m in love

With a little man

Last Seen In An Attic

I made a painting once —

A water colour of a sunset —

Corny I know

But it came out well —

The ball of fire was subdued

And I painted it

So that it could be turned

Upside down

Mid Night

My Daughter’s Life

Encapsulates the schism

In mine

Since my mother died

In that spring of ’93 —

Eliza has been there

In body

Since Eye conceived Her

In the picture

Of My Mind

Since that April of Emptiness

She has been with me

For Our Two Decades

Of toil and strife:

My beautiful Beauty

Who can manage

Her Life


Seeking Exhibit Space

Does anyone know where eye could find a big public interior space where Stratospheric Universe (600 square feet) could be viewed on a floor and from a second storey parapet?

Eliza’s Birthday

This morning after last night’s rain

Eye stooped to scoop

The water off

My Stratospheric Universe 

Eye stepped and Squirt!

Another element

Amongst the 3 – dimensional