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"Good Morning, World!"

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Poem To Go To Sleep

Bereft of family

I would like My Own Baby —

but The Father?

There would be no father.

Baby would be immaculate.

How’bout Them Apples?



Free Verse

Yes Eye got Dr Blair


He doesn’t belong HERE

any more

if He cannot COME


Eye don’t want him

at all

The Shlong Speaks:

“God is The Ultimate

Control Freak”

Dr Blair’s Secretary

Eye had a dream

of Treena’s Hair —

back to normal

dark brown

cut short

and cute


Eye am living

in The State of Relief —

I will not be contstrained

by the formation

of even having to write

in Haiku


We are seen

in relation to Others:

Our Friends

Our Relatives

and We go

about Our Lives

under the illusion

of Security

Wait A Minute

The Shower of Silver Lights

is My Ultimate Protection —

no one can touch Me

in the wrong place

because My Shimmering Spears

are lethal

and I finally know

how to wield Them

Our Mermaid’s Tail

20 years ago She was His Patient

when She had an affair

with Dr Blair —

then She lived with Him

for 5 years

then They got married

for 14

and Divorced

to find both in separate places:

Hers on The Hawk

His to South Side

where They meet along the wide-open beaches


just to drive each other crazy

Your Place or Mine?

My legal Husband

is transformed:

He is My Boyfriend now —

and Eye have always wanted

one of Those.

I Had A Dream

I had a dream

of a house, my house

on an island

with a row of carrots

planted by the back

and the Eastern Sun

out front

and a man I could call

my   own — well

he says he’s not in my life

he will not leave his wife

and so must I salvage

my second marriage

in some capacity

or should I, could I

be Independent?