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"Good Morning, World!"

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Supreme Irony

20 years ago

Dr Blair put His Arms Out

to Me

in The Doorway

to His (old) Examining Room

and to My Refusal


Today He sat

in His (new) Waiting Room

while I lowered My Self

to His Floor

and to His Refusal





M(Eye) Calling

Bleat of The Willet

Sounds of M(Eye) Nova Scotia

Cr(Eye) of The Gull 2

What M(Eye) Decision 2 Stay Married 2 Dr WHB Is Based On:

There’s a BIG Rock

In Barrington Passage

Next to Smith & Watt

Which Eye am fond of painting —

M(Eye) Next Design

Eye’m working on:

Giant Heart

Dr WHD ??


Eye still have The Silver

Streaked and Washed

across The Sea


I still have The Silver

encased in My Mind

and No One

can take It from Me.

M(Eye) Motherhood

Eye cut a bright figure

for Mother’s Day

when Eye have lost a daughter

and wear Black Turtle Neck

over Black Pleated Skirt

— above the knee —

Eye am in proper mourning

for M(Eye) Maria

and Eye will never remove

Her Gold Nugget Ring

worn on M(Eye) Right Ring Finger

in Her Honour

Masturbation Is Not M(Eye) Style

Eye do not like


though Eye eat one every day

–2– keep The Doctor away


Eye do not like

English cu-cum-bers

though M(Eye) Husband is a Brit


and Eye do not like

zucchinis despite their obvious shape

though Eye can make

a mean zucchini casserole

–2– feed The Man

of M(Eye) Reality



Eye live to hear

The Song of Birds

It’s purity to M(Eye) Ear



Eye live to see

The Ocean’s Glint

to M(Eye) Scope



Eye live to feel

The Calm of Life

to M(Eye) Mind


Keep On Fuckin’

Eye have walked The Line

of Sobriety

down The Center

of M(Eye) Cruelty

The Shoes i wore were M(Eye) Jesus Boots

as witness –2– Our Fluidity

M(Eye) Spontaneous Poem About M(Eye) Self

As Eye Am Placed

Here In A Very Public Place

Eye Was Just Offered The Golden Arches Themselves

Free For The Taking

And Eye Am Taking M(Eye) Nourishment From Them

Decked In Smokey Quartz

With REAL Diamonds

Furnished By A Trusting Jeweller

And By The ______________________

Of M(Eye) Disloyal Husband

M(Eye) Spontaneous Poem About Dr Blair/Hunter

He came 2 Me

Or i went 2 Him

Was taken 2 Him

By The Father of M(Eye) 3 Children.

i told Dr Blair of M(Eye) Undying Love

& i thought He was listening

butt Eye was mistaken.

Dr Blair thought i was mentally ill

& decided to “Love” Me

butt No Matter How Many Times

we Fucked

M(Eye) Undying Love Remained.

Dr Blair aka Hunter wasted

22 years of His Life