Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

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Leona Link

My beautiful friend Leona Link

Has those eyes of blue

That smile and glint —

She sleeps alone

Since her husband died —

His funeral was three years ago

On my birthday —

And she lost her only daughter

(She has three sons nearby)

And she still cooks lunch for her youngest

Mrs. Atwood

Down the street

From where eye live

On the road named Atwood’s Road

Lives Mrs. Atwood

With her family gone —

She talks of the cellar hole

On the hill by the shore

And how ANYONE could build

There, right up from the foundation.

The Veterinarian

Once a man from England

Brought me a cup of tea

As I woke in a farmer’s guest bed

And I wrote the Englishman’s wife

A letter upon his sudden death

In a head on collision

Telling her nothing happened

There Is No Such Thing As Creation

Where did the onion

In all its variety

Come from?

In all its layers

With paper, paper protection

Where and how did our sublime



Answer:  It has always existed

And always will

In one form or another


Boy I want to dance

To Moonlight Sanata dressed



Winter Afternoon

I am happy here —

Sun filling my eyes and house

Black cat on my lap


This Morning

Watched the sun rise twice

First from ocean horizon

Then from narrow clouds

Air Show

Flock of geese honking

Overhead to where? To me

My flight of music

Hitting On My Dream

The man of my dream

Has hair the colour

Of this month’s roadside

Tree stalks and shrubbery

Sandy cinnamon red

Driven through

In afternoon sun

As I set out to find him:

The engineer for my art

My giant Canadian maple leaf


Would Eye like

a Younger Man?

Someone from My Children’s Generation

or does age really matter?

Last night I dreampt

of a dark-haired, bright-eyed gentleman

who held My Hand in an open carriage

and kissed the back of it

each time He said something