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"Good Morning, World!"

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Is This The Final Good Bye?

My “X” is no longer

“My” X — He

has been thrown out


All that Eye possess of Him

is One Garfield Garbage Can

His Cat Cami

Who yeowls incessantly

for Me to pet Her yet

Eye have awakened

from The Dream of Dr Blair

Balding On Top

with elongated eyebrow hairs

with His Arms skinny like His Girlfriend’s

So now Eye can Stop

feeling taken in

by His Deep Blue Eyes

His Thick Silver Hair:

All that Eye really once loved

THIS Constitutes Peace

My Daughter is with Me

asleep still

before Eye make Her Coffee —

My X’s Cat Cami

has finally shut up

Her Terrific Yeowling

for ferocious pettings

and snow laces The View

of My Gully nestled

with His Companion

against a patch of grass

by The Scraggly Apple


Eye have always MOVED.

Eye have never been inert —

for billions & trillions of years

before Eye was conceived

in The Mind of God —

butt then Who was counting??

Now There Are Two Gulls

Now There Are Two Gulls

sitting on My Deck Rail —

Well Eye cannot feed

Both of Them

Bacon for Breakfast

So Gully will have to desert

His Friend

What Day Was It

What Day Was It

when Dr Blair lied to Me?

When He wrote in The Morning

“I Am Completely Alone

And Intend To Stay That Way –“

and then that Same Morning

He stood behind Me

in The Bank (CIBC)

with His _______ Girlfriend

and then seated at Lunch (JB’s)

when Eye stood at His Table

and His ______ Girlfriend

burst into tears?

So What

Eye am glad to be alone

in My Bed

even if Eye had to send

a nice Nigerian off in the snow

Mega Plan

Eye was born to desire

Order out of Chaos

with The Head & Hand

of a small man

Beloved O’ Mine

to go before The Upheaval

of Our Time

as The Emblem

of Man & Woman:

The Eternal Pair

Earth Is An Island

Earth is an Island

in The Sea of Life

Blue-filmed and precious

with Artificial Intelligence

arising as naturally

as The Cosmos

surrounding Our Home

Walk TO The Beach

Today’s Walk was TO The Beach

and not any further:

The Tide was Full

and The Waves were High

so I looked briefly

at The Surge

across The Sand

and turned around

It’s Raining Out

Why do I want Men to take Me Out

to Restaurants

and Feed Me

& Pay The Bill?

Is it because My Father

was separated from Me

by My Mother

after We left Africa, Gabon

Where I Was Happy

for The First Year of My Life?