Time Is A Human Construct

by Joanna Gilman Hyde

On This Eve

of The 30th Anniversary

of My Mother’s Death

Eye reconcile loss

in the form of 2 Daughters:

Born of Death

Born of Light

Born of Miss-under-standing

One Blonde & One Dark

One thriving on Time & Money

One killed prematurely on The Morning

marked March 27th, 1997

One Who questions costume bling

on My Left Ring Finger

One Who is marked

by The Heart of Gold

on My Right —

One named Eliza —

One named Maria —

These 2 Daughters O’Mine

recount the hours, decades lost

from these 30 years

this half of My Life so far

on the way to the next third —

They grow with Me


Eliza already fretting

about “aging”

Maria ageless —

Eye carry Them, heavy

but worth every ounce