Sue Blair

by Joanna Gilman Hyde

Tall and Strawberry Blonde

She was born in New Zealand

on September 23rd, 1950

to a mother named Marguerite

(Whom She supposedly “didn’t want to turn into”) and

met Dr William Hunter Blair

(My Current Husband)

in The Yukon of Canada

(after a time in Figi with Her Father)

–She was Somebody’s Secretary–

They married in October

in the late 70’s

and had no children.

Sue Blair was stepmother

to the same 4

Eye have grown to appreciate

from Dr Blair’s First Marriage

and always sent birthday cards

and Christmas Presents.

His youngest daughter

She raised.


Sue Blair was known

for Her Gardens in Barrington Passage

where She grew black tulips

and planted a Butterfly Tree.


She knew the value

of Self Help Books

and donated a pile of Them

to Evelyn Goodwin’s support group

in 1994 — that was the first

I heard of Her.


She was supposedly solidly married.


When My Affair with Her Husband

developed in the summer of 1999

turning into a multi-year nightmare

of intrusion (justified) by

The Nova Scotia College of Physicians & Surgeons

Sue Blair defended Her Husband

to Her Death.


It was soon after one phone call

to Dr Blair’s house

(now referred to as The Big White Castle)

at 4:00 in the morning

from New York City

when She cried out loud and clear

“He’s My Husband!!”

that She developed Inflammatory Breast Cancer

which killed Her, back in New Zealand

in January of 2004

as I prepared The Faulty Wedding

to The Husband

I had stolen

out of misplaced desire.


She liked to walk on beaches

winter or summer

and owned an adjunct house

in Clark’s Harbour

across from The Post Office

as elegant and solid

as She appeared

to The Community She lived in.


She was An Admirable Woman

with office companions —

Her Husband’s Secretaries —

Who cried when She died.