Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: May, 2018

I Had A Dream

I had a dream

of a house, my house

on an island

with a row of carrots

planted by the back

and the Eastern Sun

out front

and a man I could call

my   own — well

he says he’s not in my life

he will not leave his wife

and so must I salvage

my second marriage

in some capacity

or should I, could I

be Independent?


Husband turned Me down

for the holiday weekend —

My Bed is for Me


Eye bought Silver Satin Sheets

for The Man Eye Cannot Have

but made My Bed with old

brown flannel bottom

and holy cream top

for The Man Who Is My  Husband

Written Last Night

The Image of Black

is receding

I have lost My Jet Black Beads given to Me by My Mother

given to My Star Dust Lover

of another era

48-hour Sculpture

Eye have withdrawn Knife

from the centre of Black Rose:

slow-mo pulsation

Mother’s Day Special

Over pink carnations

she suggested sparingly:

give yourself away


Dr Blair, on the night of August 14, 1999

Eye made you sign a contract for sex.

Eye would like to renew that contract,

update it by 19 years to include

hotel, food, gas, all extraneous expenses

+ $500.00 upfront per 24 hour period

of My Companionship.

Is this too much to ask for the continuation

of what was a marriage based

solely on sexuality?

Going To Waste

Audacious Husband

refuses to pay for sex

after eighteen years

Mother’s Day

Eye have inserted

My 2nd Best Kitchen Knife

inside the depths of Rose

My House Is Calling

My House is calling

Me from room to room

Tonight I will sleep

in Its Corner

with The Peepers

and The Waves

@ My Head

and Eliza’s Horse Blanket

on top