Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: March, 2018


EYE have hung M(eye) X

upon the wall

below M(eye) Painting


of someone’s old house

done in pink —

a Nova Scotia house

out in the bleak


Eye have hung My Portrait

upon the wall

above His Books

Eye would forestall

We’re in a contest

to & fro

& Eye don’t care

where He goes

He thought Eye would write

pretty poems

& paint Him pictures of blue

& white

He was wrong

for Eye have come

to see Him as

My Only Plight

if Eye could dip His Head

in Black

I would fight

for My Self


but He has The Bucks

Eye need to live

& so Eye am helpless

to forgive

Lesley’s Birthday

It was in a dream

Eye gave M(eye) Arms

to badly needed rest —

Eye used The Body

of M(eye) X

to make a cross

upon M(eye) Bed

Bob Wilber’s Birthday

Where is My Poison Ring?

The Silver Casing w/ Black


My Mother gave Me

When Eye turned 13?


Every Spermatozoon is a STAR

Every birth a miracle

Hold A Hymnal

Eye live in a bastion

Of Human survival

Where the women don’t drink

And make their homes

For their families

Where they compare notes

Of husbands and ex’s

And children grown

And make their beds

For each other


Eye have had a long day

And there is a rose

On my vanity

For my mother

From my mother

Made from her long black chain

And my red satin hair holder

Knotted as the bud


He was just a shoulder

Undulating in the shadows

Of My Night Light

Let’s Play House!

My Mother played

In Her Nova Scotia island house

Held up by summer rental income

From her beaver board home

In Valley Cottage

Held up by her parents’


Held up by her children’s


Of their mother’s


And their mother’s love

Of Place