Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: March, 2016


The Tomato-coloured Couch 2:47pm

While I wait for the UPS Man

My Studio/Kitchen is all ready:

I’ve got the sculpture’s foundation

in the form of a cut glass

upside-down sandwich plate

secured to a non-slip

hot-pink place mat —

My Two Sets of sculpture tools

are lined up against the splash board

I have three pounds of plasticine

to start with — to use sparingly

until My Extra Order comes —

 I have the photograph

of Rudy’s Head

taped to My Tea Cupboard

& a close-up of His Eyes & Nose

attached to the tile

above My Dishwasher.

This is all to take place on the counter top

of My Dish Washer

where I will begin My Work

just as soon as the Styrofoam



NOTE:   The attitude of the head is tilted up, so I plan to be

lopping off a good portion of the Styrofoam neck at a pre-determined angle.



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 7:52am

The Sea is black today

against a clouded sun

& I am supposed to get My Armature

to begin the sculpture

of a man who

refuses to die


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 8:30am

When The Signing of My World Trade Center Painting

Self Organizing Galaxy

was to be on the news in New York

Channel 11, WPIX @ 11 o’clock

I was to watch It

in My Eagerness

with two friends

in someone’s loft apartment

but by the time It aired

one friend had gone

to the bathroom

& the other had gone

out for cigarettes


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 7:30pm

I see the blush of sky

over The Atlantic

with The Moon above

the deer’s abandoned carrots —

the cats are out

& the deer are below

packed in the scrub spruce —

oh! I see one, two, three

down in the bog


contemplating a return


The Hawk Queen Bed 12:45am

Against The Backdrop of Africa

I stood to walk in a circle

of Black Women

reaching out to Me

— They had never seen a white baby

before —

& against the backdrop of fishermen

I clomped in My Black Fisherman’s Boots

up the pavement

of The Sandy Point Fish Wharf

to drive My Mother’s parked

VW Square Back

back down to the Molly already unloaded —

the men had never seen

a girl from New York

arriving each summer

departing for school in the fall —

against the backdrop

of art school intellectualism

I stood out for My Big Ideas

going after The Top

 falling in love

with The President of Cooper Union —

& marrying instead My Ticket

to Nova Scotia — having My 2.4


with .4 ending up depicted

as a 3D red blotch

hanging in My Hawk Living Room

& now married to The Famous Dr Blair —

against the backdrop of Cape Sable Island

on the most southern tip of Atlantic Canada

I have become The Famous Artist

living in Nova Scotia —

a fish out of water

in Her Element


The Hawk Corner Room 6:42am

EYE See Dawn

aqua & flushed skin tones

hovering over the water

with shore lights still on:

EYE have a Big Day today

waking at the crack of It

to take The Magnificent Head

to Lunenburg to see

if It can be cast

in Silver



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 1:45pm

I’ve done enough

of sweeping up galaxies —

it’s an endless task

organizing, compiling known particles

of cat hair, cat food crumbs

specks of kitty litter, the occasional claw point

not to mention Heaven’s Dust

heavy in My House —

“Out Damn Spot!”


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 3:30pm

Say A Prayer For Gold!

One straight line up

is not enough

to carry Us out

of Our Doldrums —

Cry Out For Gold

taking Silver in Its Hand

shimmering, glimmering

like The Head

of Donald J. Trump


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 7:11pm

When I was in Grade Five

at The Sandy Point Consolidated School

there was A Beautiful Dark Haired Girl

who told Us of Her Mother calling

a certain kind of cloud cover

“Mackerel Sky” for

the fillet-shaped fleshy flecks

of the fish I knew so well

from when My Mother used to roll Her Fillets

in flour and “froy them up roight crisp”

in butter served with lemon and parsley


The Hawk Exercise Room:  10:11am

EYE catch The Sun

in My Foetal Pulsating Fingers

as I hold up My Left Leg backwards

My Right Hand comes forward

illuminated and red