by Joanna Gilman Hyde

The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 12:34pm

In The No Frills Parking Lot

in front of Nova Scotia Liquor Commission

I eyed up a BRINKS armoured vehicle

as a somewhat elderly blue-shirted driver got out

while I got My Delivery

of lab reports

from South West Health Authority

Then as I crossed the street

in front of Royal Bank of Canada

One BRINKS (was It the same One?)

parked along side —

an armed blue-shirted guy got out with a bag

& a big dolly

& went inside toward the vault

while I went into The Automated Teller Machine

— He came back through


& I got up My Nerve

to ask Him what The Dolly was for —

should I be asking questions?

He said that was OK —

The Dolly was for “coinage” but The Bank didn’t have any

I said “coinage is not used much anymore –”

He agreed & said that’s why

He was turned away today —

did He say “coinage”

to cover for “bullion”?

He looked innocent