Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: September, 2015


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 7:55am

The Sun Has Risen

Above A Bank Of Fog

Obscuring My True Horizon

Creating A Softer Line

Couching The Sun’s Reflection

In The Ocean



The Hawk Queen Bed 8:00am

a disheveled looking Gull

got His Breakfast

of one slice of white bread

thrown in chunks


like a girl

Celebration of A Day’s Depression

The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 1:22pm

I will change out of My LL Bean Cashmere Sweater

out of My Reitman’s grey stretchy pants

I am upstairs now @ The Hawk West Desk Window

about to order My Self


off with My Everyday Sandals

keeping on My Dark Grey Underwear

& galaxy filament-ed bra —

I am about to cloak My Self

in My Warm Grey Bathrobe —

There!  I did it!

& I’ve left My Smoky Crystal Dangly Earrings



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 7:22pm

Lime-green bug

in Your See-thru wings

when first I saw Your Underside

You were pale yellow

against My Window —

what r u trying to tell Me?

I went outside

to touch You very carefully —

You took to My Hand

& flew


The Tomato-coloured Couch 3:11pm

I have slipped

into cashmere grey

I have looked

@ My Passing

vehicles as grey now —

differing shades

to reassure Me

on My Track


The Hawk TV Room 6:11pm

During The NYC September

of 1984

EYE painted

The Bull’s EYE

for Our Twin Towers

filmed by German Television —

when I mailed That Video

to My Father in Saudi Arabia

He never got It

I Believe M(EYE) Video Was Confiscated

by The Islamic Religious Police

Circulated Through Various Extremist Factions

inflamed by the overt display

of a beautiful Western Woman

with Long Blond Hair

doing & achieving such

A Public & Powerful Act —

I believe The Bombing

of February 1993 was instigated

by M(EYE) Painting

“Self Organizing Galaxy”

The Coup d’etat


Our Precious



The Hawk West Desk Window 12:06pm

I emerged dressed for a party

from The A Train

@ 110th Street


& was blocked on the stairs

by a young punk

making hand signals

asking Me if I knew

where to get The A Train

I said, “You know perfectly well

where to get The A Train –”

but by then the crowd

was gone

I was back on the platform

two other muggers

approached from either side

I was caught

they demanded My Wallet

which was in a shoulder bag

I said, “What if I don’t give It to you?”

the thug from the stairs

pulled out a switch blade

I dug out My Purse —

the guy to My Left

took off My World Trade Center Watch

given to Me by My Mother

the guy to My Right looked

@ My Mother’s Silver Bangles

but didn’t take Them


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 9:50am

I looked for A Silver Streak

out upon The Water

& saw A Silver Cloud


meshed within

The Sky

parallel to

My Horizon


The Hawk West Desk Window 7:39pm

I Sit In A Potion

Of Sea Salt

& Floating Insects

Waiting To Breathe

[My Life Is On Stilts]


The Hawk En Suit Bath 6:44pm

Remove The Crust

of Aeons’ Years —

Dispose of Your Treachery

into My Hallowed-out Hands —

within These Sinister Bubbles

I Reside to Exhume

The Blackest Blackness

of Faith Gone Awry