by Joanna Gilman Hyde

The Hawk West Desk Window 12:06pm

I emerged dressed for a party

from The A Train

@ 110th Street


& was blocked on the stairs

by a young punk

making hand signals

asking Me if I knew

where to get The A Train

I said, “You know perfectly well

where to get The A Train –”

but by then the crowd

was gone

I was back on the platform

two other muggers

approached from either side

I was caught

they demanded My Wallet

which was in a shoulder bag

I said, “What if I don’t give It to you?”

the thug from the stairs

pulled out a switch blade

I dug out My Purse —

the guy to My Left

took off My World Trade Center Watch

given to Me by My Mother

the guy to My Right looked

@ My Mother’s Silver Bangles

but didn’t take Them