Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: July, 2014


The Hawk West Desk Window 8:25pm

The Sun Is Silver

Beaming Out From A Ridge Of Cloud

Lining The Sky With One

Elongated Ray

Before It Sets

Into The Spray Of Islands



The Hawk Deck 3:11pm

Mrs Blair stepped out

the door to Her Portico

dressed in Her Warm Silver Negligee

at three o’clock in the afternoon

to complete Her Task

of Light House Keeping

by patting out Her Purple Dust Glove

just as A White Pick-up Truck

drove into view


The Hawk Deck 12:42pm

The Gull’s Raucous Cry

is every sound of Salt Air

rising above Its neighbours’


It crowns the calls

of all other birds

& rings in the start

of Summer

We Lay In Our Beds

The Hawk Queen Bed 10:40pm

We Lay In Our Beds

Flattened Against The Night

All Around One Half

Of The Globe

Only To Dream Of What Might


When We Raise

Our Selves



The Tomato-coloured Couch 3:56pm

I’m not a social climber

I’m already @ The Top

My Friends are Intellectuals

My Family from The Elite

I live a Life Of Privilege

with My Handsome Husband/Doctor


The Companionship


A Little Man

What Is My God?

The Tomato-coloured Couch 11:25am

My God Is

By Its Very Nature

The Machinations Of Humanity

Within The Structure

Of All Living Organisms

Intertwined With The Bugs

& Held In Check

By The Oceans


The Hawk Deck 3:00pm

I Have Seen The Perfect


Within My Universal Vision

— the sink It was —

Showing Me The Perfect

Form Of Reproduction

& Through My Chaos

of hand-washing

I Diffused The Spiral

Only To Let It


in ever-smaller


The Night Of My Future

The Hawk Deck 8:30pm

Will The Low Cooing

Of The Mourning Dove

Be The Sound Of The Hawk

When I Leave?

Or Will It Be The Waves

I’ll Hear As I Head Out

Into The Night Of My Future

Seeking Only

To Find

The Repetitions?

All That I Have Lived For

The Hawk Deck 7:47pm

All That I Have Lived For

Is Wrapped Up In This Moment

As I Am Wrapped In My Heavy Grey Bathrobe

With The Spears Of Light Forever Above Me

And All Down Around Me

How Have I Gotten This Far?

Through A Child’s Adoration Of A Pair

Of Love Birds To A Mother’s Love

Of Her Dearest 2.4’s

The Evening Light Is Upon The East

Illuminating The Scrub Spruce Forest

And I Have Come This Far


The Tomato-coloured Couch 3:38pm

A Black-headed Gull

blown in from the storm

circled over Me

as I threw

bits of bread

on the newly cut lawn

He landed beside Me

for probably the first

square meal

He’s had since

He was carried to Us