by Joanna Gilman Hyde

The Hawk Queen Bed 10:03pm

The nightly ointment applied

to My Doctor-Husband’s legs

has conditioned My Hands

ready for work

I will now delve into the guts

of Humanity

The Innards of The World

I will knowingly dirty My Hands

when I said I never would

serve God — I would serve

only My Self —

I have seen The Meaning of Life

and It is brazen and brash

as The Sun

and It is My Dark Haired Angel

God of My Creation

sitting on My Right Shoulder

declaring in Her Melodious Voice

“You Know The Meaning Of Life

And So You Are A Star —

So Go To Sleep…”

I will go now not to sleep

but to coat My Broad-palmed Hands

laden with the protective balm of Her Words

to absolve the recesses of My Skin

of any fatal impurity

and pummel My New-born Fists

into every Man, Woman and Grown-up Child