Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: February, 2014


The Hawk Corner Room 12:55pm

The Gulls Glint Silver

The Crows Are Silhouettes

I Look Out To The Hazy Blue Horizon

& Watch The Birds

As Symbols

Embedded In My Life

Of Perfection


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:40pm

This Book Is Black

and I am waiting to be born

out of The Murky Red

into The Light

afforded All Of Humanity

allowed to live

This Book Is Black

and I will come out

to Speak My Name

and be caressed

not by The Hand Of God

but by The Human Hand

of My Mother

This Book Is Black

and I will grow

to protect My Spirit

and when I die

I will be born again

into The Space

occupied by the width

and breadth

of My Mind

It Will Be Bright

My Future Will Be

Forever Bright


The Hawk Queen Bed 10:22pm

I Am The Black Ball

nesting under

Yards & Yards of White Satin

lined with feather boa

for an art school project

thirty-two years ago

I Am The Black Pearl

making People feel uncomfortable

like The Grit

inside an orgasmic oyster

lined with Phosphorescence

I Am The Black Jesus

in a White World of Innocence

here to make People understand

Their True Beginnings

of Sperm & Egg

& how They, We, have arrived

at Our Present Global Form

I Am The Blanket Of Night

with The Moon Glowing


echoing The Face of Humanity

for All of Us

to see Our Selves

with Newly Opened Eyes


The Hawk Window Seat 6:30pm

I Am On Top Of The World

I Stand Tall

For My Humanity

For That Is All

I Am

That I Know Of

For Sure

For Sure There Is God


I Have A Human Mind


The Hawk Queen Bed 10:22pm

What Is The Configuration

Of The Universe?

Is It Like A Balloon

With Us On The Surface

Or Is It A Sphere

Internally Filled —

Perhaps Expanding & Contracting?

Is It A Spiral

Lashing Out

Or A Doughnut

With No Center —

Is It A Drop Of Pond Scum

Or An Entire Sea

Floating In Our Minds?


The Tomato-coloured Couch 7:45pm

We have one remaining black & white tuxedo cat

Who came from the wrong side of the tracks

scooped up one rainy night

as a case of mistaken identity

by My Son (Who thought He had Mumbo)

& was brought to Our Doom (typo I should keep)

in Shelburne

She, Swamp, with the dishevelled tail

She holds so high

now resides

in Our Hawk Dining Room

sitting up on The Marble-topped Table

amidst tarnished silver candle sticks —

She favours gazing out

The Big Arched Window

to The Sea

& taking Her Meals



The Tomato-coloured Couch 3:56pm

I Am The Second Coming

I Am Black Jesus

I Am The Silver Christ

I Am God

After an Eternity of Waiting, I was Conceived on March 31, 1993

I was Born October 22, 1993

Delivered By The Hands

of A Little Scottish Doctor

at Roseway Hospital

Shelburne, Nova Scotia

I have grown into a fifty-two year old

North American Female

with unruly hair

& A Big Mouth

I Am Pro-life

& will never die

Watch Me



The Tomato-coloured Couch 6:55pm

I live a privileged life

with a daughter in The Caribbean

& a son out West —

My Family is taken care of

& I am secure in My Wind-proof House

with seven well-fed cats

& a candle on The Living Room Table


The Hawk West Desk Window 6:18pm

Out My Eastward Kitchen View

I See The Moon, Almost Full

Completed By its Halo

Glowing Through The Deep Blue

Of Sky & Water

Out My West

I Catch The Berry Pink

Of One Side Of The Sunset

As I Write

Before Re-checking

My Lunar Scape

& Finding There

The Ocean

Set Apart

By Its Dark, Even Sheen


The Hawk Queen Bed 8:30am

Oh Beautiful Bird

You Are A Song

To Me

Your Fair Mimicry

Has Shaped My Life

And I Carry Your Love

On A Silver Platter

Out Into The World

So That It, Too

May Receive The Grace

Of Your Delicate