by Joanna Gilman Hyde


Things To Do On Your Own

Write a letter to a friend

Write in your diary

Play a computer game

Play a musical instrument or sing

Paint, draw, or do some pottery

Do some woodwork

Do a jigsaw puzzle

Read your favourite magazine, newspaper, or novel

Buy or make a present for someone

Look through your favourite photo album

Play a card game (e.g., solitaire)

Things To Do Around The House


Do some handiwork around the house

Rearrange the furniture

Sewing, knitting, listen or dance to  music

Watch short TV shows

Play with your pets

Sit in the sun

Make a cake

Social Activities

Phone or visit a friend

Invite a friend over for a video and popcorn

Prepare a special meal for friends or family

See a play or movie

Pamper self — visit restaurant or hairdresser or masseuse

Active Things

Go for a stroll, brisk walk, or nature walk

Run up and down stairs for a few minutes

Do 10 minutes of gentle stretching exercises

Play ping-pong or tennis, golf, swim, bike

Do some aerobics or weight lifting

Visit a museum, art gallery, book-store or library

Visit the zoo

* From The Canadian Network of Mood and Anxiety Treatments (CANMAT)