by Joanna Gilman Hyde

One Night On Bald Mountain

A Woman In Orange & Black

Stood Beneath Her Crow Painting

Armed With A Blunted Bread Knife

Witch, She Insisted,

She Was Using

To Make A Point

She Directed A Party Of Mounties

To The Idea

She Would Be Escorted To Hospital

Under One Condition:

That She Receive

No Medication

Against Her Will

Officer M– Wrote Down Her Request

She Surrendered Her Implement

Agreed To Be Strapped

In A Semi-reclining Position

Into The Back Of An Ambulance

To Be Driven Away

One Hour

To The Yarmouth Psychiatric Unit

Where Her One Condition

Was Not Met

Tonight, May 22nd 2012

My Husband Lay Beside Me

And Announced:

“There Are No Leaders”