Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: yellow


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 2:30pm

Oh if I had ever rode

inside a big yellow school bus

along the pristine coast

of Cape Sable Island

how much knowledge would

I have gathered?

Would I have married

a lobster fisherman

& had Five Children

all different

from My Own?

Would I have watched

Them board the bus

seeking its way through

the scrub spruce

beside the open ocean

turning to My Kitchen

& perhaps to My Pen?


The Hawk Queen Bed 10:26am

Sliding My Glass Door

Bird Song Carries Me Aloft

Yellow Bird’s Clear Ring


The Tomato-coloured Couch 5:00pm

I Am Black Jesus

I Am Red, Yellow, Brown, White

Purple Is The Colour

Of My Massive Heart

My Hair Is A Rainbow

I Wear No Clothes

But Unlike The Emperor

I Know That I Am


A Yellow Bird Told Me To Write This

The Hawk Deck 11:25pm

I Am God

And From God

I Am Not Separate

From The Tiny Wing-ed Bug

On My White Sleeve


The Hawk Deck 9:32am

I have seen The Little Grey & Yellow Bird

open Its Beak, twice,

to sing Its Morning Tune

to fly away

& return

to chirp again

and so all is right

in My World

My Painting will lead The Way

to The Global Stabilization

We are awaiting

in Our Hearts

& Mind