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"Good Morning, World!"

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Heterosexual Sex Explained:

A man wants a woman

to have orgasm(s)

because she loses control.

Men like women

to lose control.

It turns them on.

And if a man

makes a woman

have orgasm(s)

he feels empowered.

BTW:  Woman do not really care

if a man has one or not.

He Didn’t Hear Me

In My Favourite Restaurant

Eye overheard The Waiter

Talking to The Cook:

“How can You have time

for God and Your Wife?”

Eye called out from My Booth:

“What if God and Your Wife

are One and The Same?”


The Hawk Corner Room approx. 1:40pm

EYE have held

The Most Precious

of Life’s Juice

in M(EYE) Left Palm

& IT was The Colour

of Today’s First Snow

in Antioch Illinois


The Hawk Corner Room 1:50am

EYE salute The New Corners

of M(EYE) House —

From Eliza’s Bed I face The West

Head On

and span My Naked Wrists across

The Globe

with no lint, loose strings or cat hair




The Hawk Dining Room 1:14pm

Today I finished off

My Stew

like any good woman would —

It had no meat left

but I didn’t care —

I ate The Thick Broth


and savoured The Turnips —

a vegetable about which

I have mixed feelings


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 3:40pm

Today Is A Great Day —

I am dressed in My Daughter’s Clothes

& I have seen The Sacred Picture

of A Woman Beaming

with Her Arm around The Waist

of The Love of Her Life


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 5:05pm

I am living every woman’s dream

with 2 handsome husbands

& a lover in the wings —

I can make bread pudding

to save the birds from My Cooking

I can sit in My Grandmother’s Wrought Iron Chair

to look at The Sea,

My Pristine Blue Horizon

& remember what She said when I was a child:

“Someday Joge, You are going to make some man

very happy”


May 15, 2015 The Hawk Queen Bed 9:42pm

Women are bleeding

all over The Globe

having babies and abortions


I am so tired

I could sleep for a thousand years

& wake to A New Day

of Knowing

& wake to A New Long Day


The Hawk Window Seat 1:41pm

I see My Silver Toes

all ten of Them

poking out of the fading

bubble bath

I wallow here

in My Greatness — yes

I am utterly self-absorbed

yet wish only the best

for women in tubs



The Hawk West Desk Window 2:22pm

Women The World Over

are feeding Lunch to Their Men

& cleaning up afterwards

while The Game’s still on