Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: vision

Our Curve

I can see The Curve

of Our Earth

carried over The Eastern Horizon

by My Layer of Cloud Bank

not parallel

but dipping

@ either end

This Morning’s Dream

Eye have risen from The Vision

of standing on a big wide beach

around here somewhere

with no one there but Me

and as I stood at the edge of no waves

I felt that I was The Contaminant

and Eye called out, and out

to My Daughter Eliza


The Hawk Window Seat 8:38am

Waking, briefly

seeing Liquid Blue

(Your typical sky blue)

crinkling all around, puddled —

next, a field of Blue Plastic

chips, shards, spread out


and This Morning, This Great Morning

(EYE) woke to see a flash:

Crystal Blue Droplets — A Myriad


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 9:50am

EYE see a shadow

from a neighbour’s barn

with a patch of light

reflected from the picture window

of My Upper Storey —

Yeah, so what

You might say —

but to Me

The Vision

says It All


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 9:55am

Today I have seen

the contemporary slash

of Silver on

My Horizon

& still,

when I blink

in the bathroom

before the washer & dryer

I see the customary

strip of Lime Green


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 7:46pm

You can feel anything

even a rainbow

no matter how faint

because You are Human

You can see The Colours

and appreciate Them

You can feel The Colours saturating Your Blood

and tingling The Soles of Your Feet

as You stand at Your Dining Room Window


The Hawk Kitchen 10:15am

I stood like Lolita

in one gym sock

at the head of the stairs

while WHB informed Me

the eye doctor

found nothing wrong

& that I just have to live

with seeing My Aura

which is My Halo


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:00pm

Today I saw

My Silver Aura

skidding across the back

of The Shower stall

I had a talk

with A Doctor Of Optometry

Who stated It

was probably related

to migraine

but I’m to have

A Visual Field Test

& A Field Day

It will be


Highway 103, NS NOON

Before Bed

I take a selection

of pills

— ten to be exact —

some for My Body

some for My Mind

They restore My Sleep

but rob Me of My Dreams

and so now I have an aura

accompanying My Vision

when I exit

The Shower

in Day Light


The Hawk West Desk Window 2:25pm

My Ultra-vision is Silver

even in a sudden black-out

on a Saturday Afternoon

with dinner guests scheduled to arrive

@ 6:00

I have polished the salt shaker

but not the candelabra

I have set the table

with My Mother’s Silverware

— The Dish, Chicken Polenta, is prepared —

— just has to bake —

when & if My Electric Oven

turns on