Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: The Hawk Beach


In The Sun Today

I Walked The Pattern Of The Waves

& Looked Across The Sand

To Sea The Breakers

But To Hear Their Over-turnings Muffled

Out Of Reach Of The Wind

Rippling The Clouds Outside

My Kitchen Window

When I Got Home


The West Desk Window 11:24am

I am luxuriating in The Full Viewing

of My Beautiful Bird of Paradise

I watch Him from My Vehicle

at the side of Hawk Point Road

My Neck craned to My Left

I gaze across Tidal Flats

at The Break in The Dunes

where Storm Waves wash in

small fry

for My Beautiful Long-legged, Long-necked Friend

Who wades so prominently

through One Grand Pool

to fish at Four Glorious Intervals

before I allow My Self

to finish driving home

to fix Lunch


My Son & I

walked on The Hawk Beach

& talked of how humidity

can extend waves of sound

& how The Guzzle

could possibly have moved

from Its former sandy river bed

to parallel The Dunes

& how breeds of dogs

get bred for certain aspects

like liking water

or how foxes were bred

to be domesticated

& how Peak might get a dog

when He goes travelling

& have His Father or Me

look after It when He goes really far away —

My Son & I