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"Good Morning, World!"

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The Hawk Computer 6:04 pm

My Husband, Dr William Hunter Blair, now believes

that My World Trade Center Roof Top Painting from 1984

titled Self Organizing Galaxy

may have given someone the idea

for 9/11


EYE have not been writing much —

EYE have been making recordings into M(EYE) cell phone

in-which M(EYE) Husband does not seem very interested.


The Hawk Out Post 12:51pm

The Blue Jay

bore out of the bush

to a rock in My Far Yard

 then to The Scraggly Apple

— I kept My Eye on Him —

— feeling My Blood —

& He Came to


He Came



The Hawk Corner Room 10:37am

Eliza is off to Italy

I’ve washed Her Bedding

& re-made Her Bed

I’m Showered & Changed

into moss green & taupe

eating a piece of Ancient Grain Toast

& drinking a cup of tea

in Eliza’s tidied Corner Room

I may not run into DHW

before He leaves again

but now, for some reason

I don’t really care


The West Desk Window 11:26pm

I have been arranging My Daughter’s Roses

for years it seems

at least since We moved to The Hawk

when bouquets started coming through the front door

from boyfriends and mothers

— some ended up dried

to be arranged again in fake crystal

or an old pewter pitcher —

tonight the heftiest bunch of all

came in with fluid-providing tubes

& baby’s breath to be thrown away

as I clipped twelve stems

stood Them in My heaviest vase

& carried The Arrangement

upstairs to Her Dresser


The Tomato-coloured Couch 7:10pm

What happened to The Effervescent Girl

of Yesterday

Who willingly drove into Shelburne

for lunch & coffee

with Her Daughter

dressed — The Effervescent Girl —

care-free in Her LL Bean Jeans & Blouse

delivering Her Daughter’s grad photo

to be framed

What happened to make today come

where She finds Her Self

tired & sullen

dressed again in black

to drive to Yarmouth

for Her Husband’s CT Scan

to come home to a trapped cat

Who’s made an unwashable mess

on Eliza’s comforter?



The Hawk Kitchen 4:25pm

The only two adolescent

car accidents

I was in

were with My Brother:

The First where I was driving

with a low rear tire I had neglected to fill

–it went flat on The Taconic

& Howard yelled “We’re On Ice!

Hit The Breaks!”

I listened & rolled Our Mother’s Volkswagon Squareback

into a cliff-side snow bank

and limped home with the spare put on

by kind fellow motorists

tutt-tutting about teenage drivers

The Second Howard was driving

when We were mistakenly headed

for The Holland Tunnel

so I directed My Brother to “Turn Here”

into a No U Turn

He listened

& pulled out into oncoming traffic

We got rear-ended

but were able to drive

His Baby Blue LTD home

I wrote a letter of apology

to the owner of the wrecked green Volvo


The Hawk Kitchen 6:50pm

I remember those dirty-necked boys

— what they tried with me —

the one in 4th grade

who put dimes in my desk

until he confessed

& breathed his lips

across my neck —

the one on my father’s farm

who shifted in the bed

of an old pick up

to the left of me on an extracted truck seat

under a discarded printed comforter

I distinctly remember —

he tried nuzzling me:

“What are you doing?”

“Giving you a hickey.”

“What? — I’m only eleven!”


The Tomato-coloured Couch 8:25pm

She stood in Our Family Room

Entry Way

8 feet tall in platform pink stilettos

dark mini & worked-on hair


asking for a ride

to the beginning of Her Partying

equipped with a little one-shot bottle

of Black Crown Royal

I gave Her with Her Roses

on Christmas Eve —

now It’s New Year’s

She’s out in The Wind

messing up Her Hair

as She climbs into My Escape

& climbs out at a Black Dodge Ram 1500:

Her Trophy Legs are all I can see

disappearing down Her Boyfriend’s Drive

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,100 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 7 years to get that many views.

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