Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: spiders


The Hawk Queen Bed 7:55am

I want to write about the big spider web

wet, I saw this morning

at My Kitchen Window — with a new one

a little one getting sewn write before My Eyes

I watched it until it was finished

and the coffee was ready

and then I looked at the scraggly apple

to see it festooned with more wet webs

and then I looked beyond

to the scrub forest

and saw the dew-laiden trees

each with more than one

enormous galactic web

spreading out through

My Extended View in front

of the early morning sun

wet on the Atlantic Ocean


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 9:15pm

I think I fatally injured

an innocent spider

down in the cellar

cleaning out the kitty box —

did I sweep Him too hard

with the broom?

I think I may have stepped on Him

as He crumpled up and then lay flat

moving only briefly

before I put Him in My Palm

and emptied Him

into the trash


The Hawk Deck NOON

Yesterday The Ocean spoke to Me

& told Me to get up & write

Today it’s The Fog telling Me

to be quiet


I heard & saw one flock of Geese

flying south along the shore

& when I asked Hunter if

They could be going south already

He said, “Oh yes They are.”


I don’t care about

“Going Down In History”

I only care about

being a Living Legend

for The Time I’m In


There’s a Spider Web on The Edge

of This Book.

I have to get It off.

I will have to dismantle The Strand

& try to afix It to the little wrought iron table

next to Me.

Little Miss Muffet

sat on a tuffet

eating Her Curds & Whey

along came a Spider

& sat down beside Her

& frightened Miss Muffet away

Well, I got My Book back