Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: sky

Early Morning Moon

Eye watched The Moon

escape The Clouds —

the veil of its delicate


to be released

above My Bowl of pink

and gold beneath

the accent of its reach —

only to disappear amidst

the haze of upper



The Hawk Corner Room 1:02am

EYE have seized The Sky

up here in My Corner Room

where I can paint all day

if I want to, or go to the beach.

I’m cooking for One

and enjoying every minute of it

with My New French Canadian Radio to keep Me company.

Tonight I sorted through My Clothes

and am choosing to wear Those

of no particular significance,

and if You too, My Lovely Daughter

happen to read This

or have It read to You,

please know that I love You always

and will never violate

Your Adjacent Room



The Hawk En Suite Bath Window 7:32am

The October Sky about witch

other Lovers have written —

displays Its Self in Its earliest moments

as darkest grey against

faint peach light

The Tumult of The Century

looms in Its volume

and EYE have found The Solace of Thought

in Its Dramatic Commentary



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 8:21am

Striated Sky You

are with Me at last

while the coffee steeps

I see Your Colours —

Your Golden Touch

between the edges —

The Silken Grey

along Your bounds

I harbour You

and feed upon You

in My Morning gaze

filled with Longing

of  dare I say



The Hawk Family Room 4:40pm

I See Our Galaxy

Out My West Window

Filling Up & Out The Sky

Glowing In Its Centre

With What May Be The Sun