Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: seer


The Hawk Basement 9:46am

M(EYE) Basement Floor

is galactic

I stand above

its stainage

of red & green

with excess sparkles

as The Stars —

trillions of Stars —

EYE couldn’t sweep

Them all up


The Tomato-coloured Couch 3:38pm

When I close My Eyes


& lie in The Sun

I perceive a sea

of Red

When I loosen My Lids

I see mottled Silver

& as My Eyes squint open

I see The Rays

of My Enlightenment


The Tomato-coloured Couch 5:25pm

I saw another White Truck

pass along the bottom line

of window moulding

looking like a child’s toy

pushed along a horizontal track

crib-side like an abacus


The Hawk Deck 5:35pm

After The Shower Of Lights

The Little Girl was not So Little

She had been struck over The Head

by A Very Giant Object

attached to God

& He wasn’t going to let Her away

so easily

That Night

after relatives and The Nurse Do Do

took Her to the hospital

where Her Mother had died

four days earlier

The New Big Girl was seen by A Little Man

Who asked all the right questions

& ordered a room

In That Darkened Hospital Room

in Shelburne, Nova Scotia

March 31st, 1993

The Little Girl who was no longer Little

saw floating in The Darkness

a loose brown cylindrical mass

which slowly opened from its centre

to reveal nothing less

than The Meaning Of Life

couched within a Joke of such magnitude

that only God could have thought It up:

You Are The Reason For Schizophrenia

She puzzled over this and questioned Her Sanity

& decided that if She could question Her Sanity

She was not “Insane”

The next morning, April Fool’s Day, The Little Man

came into Her Room

& as She tried to assume some explanation

as to what had befallen Her

The Little Man stood at the foot of Her Bed

& said, “You won’t find anything about this in any medical text books

but some people who have had these kinds of experiences

are called Seers.”

She Fell In Love With Him