Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: rainbows


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 2:00pm

Yesterday You saw The Rainbow Spray

when You had never heard of It

on The Day You changed Your Name

and picked up pebbles from The Hawk Beach

to build A Kitchen Castle —

You helped Me hoist

A Golden Throne into the back

of My Brown Edge

and as We unloaded

My Future Sculpture

into the cellar

You told The Story

of how Your Mother’s Father

coming home from fishing on The Grand Banks

had seen A Mermaid

— that They really do exist —

scraping Her Long Hair

with a fish bone


The Hawk Portico 6:11am

The tail ends

of a Magnificent Double Rainbow

grace The Cape

at the crack of dawn

this morning

I saw It in Its Full Glory

at 5:44am

& texted all My Friends


Snow White & Black Jesus

went out to a beach

for a picnic

They ate peanut butter

& jelly

& threw the crusts

to The Gulls

They held hands along

The Breaking Surf

They made love

in The Sand

Snow White went back to Her Cottage

but Black Jesus had no home

He stayed on The Shore

& waited for Snow White

to come out & play

But She Didn’t Come

The next Day it rained

but Black Jesus waited

He got drenched

but all He could think about

was Snow White

& so He waited

The Sky cleared partially

& He saw a Rainbow

He ran up to Snow White’s Cottage

& alerted Her to what He saw

She said, “Thank You Black Jesus —

You Can Come In Now

I Love You”