Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: psychosis


Eliza’s Bath NOON

I can step out

from My Shower now

into My Old Grey Towel

into The Hawk Beach Waves

through the bathroom window

and not see

The Halo

I used to think was magic

I used to think all It encompassed

was Super Duper Important

and now I see how

important is My Survival


The Hawk Deck 10:10am

I have said Good-bye

to My Darling Cow Bird

Whose love affair with My Car Mirror

is gone

He bowed off with another

female two weeks ago —

I have said Hello

to My Husband

and will be hanging The Bedding

in Our Hot Sun

I will be playing

The Cow Bird’s Song

on an internet recording

for The Arrival

of My Children

one week



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 8:4am

A pristine line of Silver

augments My Grey Horizon

I woke this morning @ 3:30

and took a Melatonin and Gravol

and slept from 5:00 to 7:00

ignoring the scratching of cats

to put the coffee on

@ 8:00

My Doctor/Husband has My Pile of Medical Records

from The Yarmouth Regional Psych Unit

spread out on His Library Floor


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:44pm

I think I know what Psychosis is

— or at least I can try

to explain It, briefly —

as It happens to Me:

It, The Psychotic State Of Mind



is the intense focus on One’s

surroundings —

It is One’s Perception

and The Mind’s reaction to that


as I am caught now

 hearing The Peepers

and a slow car coming out

of a gravelled driveway

across the road

*I believe Mind and Body are interchangeable 



The Hawk Library 3:20pm

I never had a drink

on a psychiatric ward

why should I have one

in My Own Place

or anywhere else

for that matter

why should I ever

have one again?

The Hell with Social Drinking

I will be freely psychotic

at My Own Pace



August 17, 2013 Highway 103, NS 4:47pm

There was a delicious dark haired Nurse

in The Old Nova Scotia Hospital

Who worked as I was admitted

on My Way to becoming psychotic

but not psychotic enough not to notice

Her Petite Stature, Shapely Hips

& Small Firm Breasts

accompanied by Her Accented “t’s”

from Cape Breton —

when I told Her behind The Desk

“You are very seductive –”

She quickly looked down around Her

& grabbed at Her Self

in a desperate sort of way

& I felt a momentary pang

of guilt


The Tomato-coloured Couch 7:00pm

Face To Face

with My Favourite Psychiatrist

I stated The Obvious:

“I can fulfil Your Ultimate Fantasy —

didn’t You say You wanted to be

Canada’s Greatest Psychiatrist?”

“That was just a manner of speaking –“

“Are You being Honest?”

“Joanna, You’re standing on The Edge

of a Cliff, looking down –“

I fell headlong into a morass

of psychosis, medication

& the strongest physical desire

I had ever known

for The Little Doctor

Who had embraced Me

on October 22, 1993