Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: Psychiatry


The Hawk Corner Room 10:44am

I know a beautiful woman

with raven hair

sprinkled with Silver —

She hears voices

criticizing Her Every Move

and She lies, sedated,

in My Oh So Familiar

Psychiatric Unit —

Lord I love Her

& She writes & paints

and I would do anything

to make Her Voices

into Messages of Courage

and Support


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 11:02am

EYE have to sell

M(EYE) Mental Health

to  M(EYE) New Psychiatrist:

nails done

HYDE INQUIRY pant suit

file folder of photos

showing sculpted heads

Certificate of Congratulations

from Concept 2 Rowing

New Painting started on basement floor

EYE have to sell

M(EYE) Self


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 12:47pm

This morning I set out to drive

to Yarmouth to get My Head examined

by Computerized Axial Tomography

& stopped on the side

of Cape Sable Island

to check for My Sunglasses

— didn’t find Them buried in My Purse —

& arrived on the second floor

of Yarmouth Regional Hospital

just in time to see

The New Psychiatrist walking

toward Me to take in hand

My Manuscript — My only copy —

I had destined for Her

She said She would guard It

with Her Life


The Hawk Kitchen 5:09pm

After 22 years I might as well

admit to “having a mental illness”

yes — mental illness

with the name “Bi-polar” given to Me

by today’s very nice Doctor

from the Caribbean

— A Woman Who, taking thought, pronounced Me

“talented and complicated”

and smiled Her Very Nice Smile

and wrote out Her Prescription


The Hawk Computer 6:04 pm

My Husband, Dr William Hunter Blair, now believes

that My World Trade Center Roof Top Painting from 1984

titled Self Organizing Galaxy

may have given someone the idea

for 9/11


EYE have not been writing much —

EYE have been making recordings into M(EYE) cell phone

in-which M(EYE) Husband does not seem very interested.


The Hawk Outpost 8:15pm


have fake EYE lashes



am That Woman

Who hammered Her Right Fist

against a steel door

one night until Her Watch Band

popped —

Yes, I am That Woman

Who sat in a Lotus Position

on a mattress

on a floor

in the dimly lit

“Therapeutic Quiet Room”

while a female psychiatrist

from India

popped Her Head


the door


The Hawk Queen Bed 8:46am

I had a dream

of My Faithful Old Psychiatrist

Who once boomed

“I will never give up on You!”

I had a dream

He was in love with Me

soft spoken

He held My Hand

& We were the friends

We could never be


Listening to Future Islands 8:25pm

One night

an eternity ago

when I was young with My Brother

alive, yet within the walls

of Our Psychiatric Unit

He gave Me a white carnation

& a red rose & said

I was The Rose — I asked Him

to join Me in the morning

in My Pink Bedspread-ed Room

to make the announcement

to Our tall psychiatrist:

as I took Howard’s hand

I pronounced to Dr Chandler

“We are The Second Coming of Christ”

and he, that very tall man

with the booming voice

walked out

“Sleep Will Be An Issue For The Rest Of Your Life”*

May 19, 2015 The Hawk Queen Bed 10:06pm

Sometimes The Wind and Tide

combine to augment

The Sound as It is delivered

of The Waves accompanied

by Peepers, heightened by Peepers

to calm The Way

to Sleep

*only truth pertaining to Me uttered by the psychiatrist I had for eight years