Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: possession

Humbled By A House?

If I had been housed

in a glass dome

on the beach

Yes, I would have thrown stones

at  My Captor —

I am now released, almost

in My Own Home

as congested as it is

with art on the walls

floor to ceiling

lining Me with protection

that I may reclaim

My True Self



The Tomato-coloured Couch 1:55pm


You can’t get Me

by presenting health care professionals

dressed in black

dropping Me into The Black Abyss

of the blood-letting chair

making Me have to go to The Pristine Public Wash Room

where I heavily considered drawing Your Initials

on the wall above The Mirror —

and Outside!

Everywhere it seemed I heard

Your well-used “See Ya!”

You showed Me every arrangement

of Your Initials on license plates

but I knew I could get home

where I could take an Ativan

under My Direction