Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: pink

Then Under A Rosy Nebula

The Hawk Outpost 5:08pm

My View of The Ocean

rises unadorned

but for the faint swath of pink

from The Sun behind Me

having set, earlier

than before

Facing My Back Door

The Hawk Outpost 6:40pm

I am The Wisps of Gold

turning Pink

as The Clock turns

turning Grey

to Early Evening White

as a deer with antlers

grazes in My Back Yard


The Hawk Family Room 4:49pm

My Daughter Eliza handed Me

the tail end of a smoothie

strawberry froth

lining the bottom of a glass

I slurped the remnants of berry seeds

and minuscule bubbles

leaving a spherical star-scape

tilted toward the sun —

a pink piece

of The Universal Puzzle


Where Am I

in The Shadow of The Deck

upon My Neighbour’s Wall?

Where Am I

amongst The Flies


which by fortune

do not alight?

I Am Here

in The Moon

glowing pink

into gold

not to be smudged out

by a wafting fog

illuminating My Aura


I see The Pink Cloud

that spawned Me

easing its way over

the salty horizon

Oh — now it’s grey

& I’m in The Latter Half

of My Existence

here on Earth

where I can log

Self Organizing Galaxy

& watch

The Sky