Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: peepers


Eliza’s Room 8:41pm

Eliza’s Room is full

of peepers, peepers

and waves

and Me next to My Quilt

full of purple Love Rings

and a bed

yet undone


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:38pm

If I Could Paint A Sky

With Words —

Can I Reach The Ear

With Sounds —

Sounds Of Such Value To Me

I Want To Encapsulate

Them —

The Story Of Our Ocean

With No Beginning

And No End —

The Sweetness Of My Peepers

So Brief?


The Hawk Queen Bed 10:38pm

There’s A Bog

On Our Property

It Comes Alive With The Peepers

Awakening Here Tonight

Our First Night With The Window Open

To Listen To One — or — Three

Peeping Away For A Mate — or — Two

Entrancing Me