Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: painting


Eye will paint

The Sea Foam White

inlaid with shards of shells


with infant fingers

from My First Beach

in Africa

Watery Stroke

Pink washed horizon

seeps into dawn like the pull

of My Heart to Sky

Fountain of Youth

The silhouette of My Scraggly Apple

with Its new three leaves

looks like the edging

on some of My Paintings:

blobs of lichen and lines —

drips carried

off by the end

of a paint stick

This Afternoon

Eye lay on the beach sand

alone on My Aqua Towel

face down to hear the waves

with The Sun on My Back

and re-named My Painting



“Nova Scotia”

Art Report

Painting “Butt Ugly”:

glitter stuck to Its Cow Flops

first seen today lit


Tonight Eye gathered up

with My Left Finger Tips

The Remains

of the disembarkation

of “Stratospheric Universe”

from the early grass

of My Front Yard.

Now it is My Front Yard.


The pieces are piled densely

in an old aluminium tray

ready to be picked through

and arranged, possibly haphazardly,

into a new form of Art

Eye call “Destructionism.”


Someday (soon) my reconstructed creation

will sell for thousands

of Canadian Dollars

and Eye will NOT BE DEAD

“American Bombshell”

Above Her Title

The Creative Genius Stands

Beyond Her Profanity


Eye tried to paint

a mushroom cloud

and out it came

just like a shroud

looks to me

could be a tree —

or standing back

brain imagery

X – ill – Her – a – tion

The Hawk Corner Room 4:45am

I woke because I got up

I got up because I woke

visually stimulated

I made My Bed

and went to work

with One Green Drip

on M(EYE) final? canvas

up here in My Corner Room

classical music is playing

& it’s almost time

to take coffee to My New X —

Yes, We still do that


The Tomato-coloured Couch 12:33pm

EYE have signed


with black glitter

down The Left Side

in the middle

incorporating The Left Ray

of the diamond corner —

and as for The Date

the day is not particular

so EYE just put The Year

feeling The Year 2016

to be significant