Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: old age


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:22pm

Who was it who said

“Old Age Creeps Up On You”?

He should be shot —

Old Age comes over You in waves

when You’re not even the one

Who’s old

when It’s Your Elderly Relative

perhaps a dear old ex mother-in-law

with bad circulation

or Hunter’s Best Friend

with no kidney function

or an old goat of a cousin

Who wants only to die

on Her Goat Farm in Vermont —

These are The Waves —

and They wash over You

and try to get You

and there’s nothing

You can do


The Hawk Kitchen 9:43am

When I reach The Age of 122

and People ask Me What’s

My Secret?

I will tell Them:

“I have lived on a diet

high in fat, sugar and salt —

fat for My Blood

sugar for My Disposition

salt for My Tears —

I have had The Love

of A Big Black Cat

named Astropythicus

to soothe My Palpitating Heart

and I have lived

in the Land of My Dreams

where every day

I took to My Magic Pen

and wrote My Life

in Stars”


The Tomato-coloured Couch 8:35pm

I am racing the clock

against sun-damaged skin

counting My Wrinkles

stretching My Chin

My Legs still look good

but there’s heft to My Waist

I’ve got A Life yet to live

I’ll observe It in haste


The Hawk Kitchen 7:12pm

I wonder if I’ll ever be

an old woman

with a kerchief over My Head

working in a garden

with rubber boots

and black soil

staining My Bony Hands


The Hawk Dining Room 11:11am

I stand in The Dining Room Window

My Right Arm crooked against

the back of a chair —

I gaze out to The Grey Ocean

slightly stooped, Me that is

and contemplate the remainder of My Life

however many days



The Hawk Queen Bed 6:30pm

I Am A Baby

In A Bassinet On A Beach

How Many Of Us Have Been Born On The Surging Crest?

How Many Of Us Will Die Upon The Ebb?

I Am Rocked To Sleep

By The Rhythm

I Am Awakened

To My Infancy


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:11am

I want to go to sleep

with the wind

up in My Turret

at the end of twenty years —

I want to sleep to seventy

& wake up to the noon

of My Old Age

no longer marred


The Hawk Family Room 5:30pm

How Many Old Women

live in houses with ailing men

& have to check the blankets

To See If They’re Still Moving?