Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: Olanzapine


The Hawk Exercise Room 9:57am

M(EYE) Pill

is M(EYE) Power

prescribed by My Tall


— I don’t want to mess

with Him —

EYE take It twice a day

@ 9:11

& It kills



The Hawk Queen Bed 3:00pm

I’m still in bed, in My Pyjamas

& it’s three o’clock in the afternoon

This condition is ostensibly due to sleep deprivation

from last night when I stayed up too late

fooling around with My joannagilmanhyde web address —

It didn’t get corrected until this morning

with My Husband’s help before work

but I wasn’t able to catch up on the sleep

despite taking an Ativan —

as You may have gathered

My Beauty Sleep relies entirely on pills

& regular routine —

any break in the pattern

& I’m shot for the day

personal note:  My Daughter Eliza just phoned

that She’s got a summer job at Shelburne’s Osprey Arts Center

A BEDROOM 7:40pm

I want My Daddy

to come tuck Me in

— My Real Daddy who wasn’t Real

He’s Dead —

I want My WHB

to tuck Me in

with His Soft Words

& careful careful touch —

I’ve taken My Pills

2 Hours in advance

of Bedtime