Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: Nova Scotia Real Estate

Staying Power

Eye don’t have to leave

My House

The House on The Hawk

I fought for in Court

unrepresented —

Eye don’t have to leave

Cape Sable Island

for idyllic privacy

on the ocean in Jordan Bay

Eye have the ocean

lots of it


Eye don’t have to listen

to friends, ex-friends

who say I should get

“a fresh start”

Eye am in My Fresh Start


where Eye have come into My Own

as an established artist

happy in my morning studio

dreaming of my love

in bed @ night

who alone holds the option

of uprooting me


The Hawk Kitchen 10:38am

A single splash of spray

out My Kitchen Window

evokes a silent prayer

that I may find relief

in The Changing of Hands

of My Mother’s Island Property —

a property I could never see

as My Own —

even if Peak or Eliza

had It — It would still be

My Mother’s


Our Green Bedroom

is like an attic room

cozy under the eaves of the peaked roof-line

It’s been newly floored


& newly trimmed in Beauti-Tone

DESIGNER SERIES Stanhope Shore Matte

while I painted two coats

I listened to CJLS

& took My Lunch Break the first day

& A Tea Break the second

Our Colossal Bed is still pulled away

from the west wall

to allow for the remaining installation

of moulding along the baseboard

Our “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” sign

given to Me by Our Real Estate Agent

when We moved in

hangs above the south window

harmonizing with the trim