Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: mother & daughter


The West Desk Window 9:00pm

This Evening My Daughter drove off

with Her Boyfriend Tyler

against a backdrop of sunset

gold & amethyst

like My Mother’s antique ring

worn by Eliza for the first time

— She asked if She could wear It —

said She would keep It

in a blue velvet box at night

& that They’d be back from Halifax

on Sunday


How pleasant that was

having Eliza bring out Her Laundry Basket

to fold Her Clothes beside Me

as We both sat on The Stoop

listless in The Afternoon Light

— no wind —

mild enough for bare feet or socks

while We imagined what kind

of House Wife She would be:

“Better than You,” She said

I said, “So rich You would have a maid”

“So rich I could micro-lend

to poor women in Saudi Arabia”


The Hawk Portico 1:15pm

On A Day Like Lovely Today

Eighteen Years Ago

I Laboured All Day

With My Daughter

Who Was Hardly A Labour

Born Into An Inflatable Pool

@ 9:04 That Night:

She Came Out PERFECT


The Hawk Deck 11:10am

I am married to A Very Handsome Doctor

even if He does have some age on Him

It adds to His Allure of Talk

on Occam’s Razor

I live in A Beautiful House By The Sea

& have all the breakfast supplies I need

a basement warehouse of foodstuffs & toilet paper

I have My Mother’s Play House on an island

& My Beautiful Daughter with Her Hot Shot Boyfriend

— He can finance A Mansion at the age of nineteen —

They’re already looking at House Plans


I don’t bake

I write poems

Do The People

in Martin’s No Frills Parking Lot

need to be reached?

No, They are happy

in Their Own Disgruntled Lives

I just saw

a Mother & Daughter

eating Cheese Doodles

on The Way

to Their Car


On McNutt Island

I used to sit in our 3-holer privy

with My Mother

who often rested Her right elbow

on Her thigh

right hand under chin

Left Hand draped across

dangling Her Silver Nugget Ring

I assumed this same position today

with My Left Hand draped

across My Thighs

& I Was My Mother

I looked down to see My Mother’s Ring

& there were My Diamonds —

jolting Me

with crystallizing light

seared into My Brain

OK’d by My Mother




Dear Diary —

I watched Eliza

dab at Her Hair in The Dining Room Mirror

& realized “My Daughter Has The Power To Kill”

while I became immortalized

at the age of eighteen

by telling My Only Real Boyfriend:

“You’re Just Another Face, Another Dick”